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Set 8.3.06

               From Dec 1 STUDIO FOR SALE OR RENT: Live-in artists studio in Umbria
               Dec 12-21 ART GALLERIES EUROPE: Joseph Badalov
               Dec 10-15 THE GALLERY IN CORK STREET: David Tolley
               Dec 4-9 McCLURE ART: David McClure RSA (1926-1998)
               Nov 20-Dec 1 MENIER GALLERY: Society of Equestrian Artists
               Nov 13-Dec 1 BOHUN GALLERY: Eric Rimmington
               Nov 4-25 MANDELL'S GALLERY: Nicola Slattery
               Nov 15-24 MALL GALLERIES: Diana Mackie
               Oct 22-Nov 24 BELGRAVIA GALLERY: Susan Swartz
               Oct 15-Nov 23 GALLERY PANGOLIN: Terence Coventry's
               Oct 14-Nov 22 THE AIRT GALLERY: 'A Strathdon Journey', Claudia Massie
               Nov 6-21 MORLEY GALLERY: London Potters' Open Exhibition
               Nov 13-17 MENIER GALLERY: Wendy Brooke-Smith
               Nov 5-17 MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT: Glasgow '84 Committee 2012 Art Show
               Nov 10-11 WINDSOR CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR: A stunning selection
               Nov 6-10 54 THE GALLERY: Nicky Basford
               Oct 20-Nov 10 ATTIC GALLERY: Wilf Roberts
               Oct 19-Nov 10 TEGFRYN GALLERY: Harry Holland
               Oct 8-Nov 5 MARTIN TINNEY GALLERY: Gallery Artists
               Nov 1-4 HOXTON ARCHES: Sachin Melwani
               Oct 21-Nov 3 BARRY KEENE GALLERY: Paintings and Watercolours 1845-1988
               Sep 12-Oct 28 JERWOOD SPACE: Jerwood Drawing Prize 2012
               Jul 20-Oct 28 THE GALLERY at LINLITHGOW BURGH HALLS: Robert Mapplethorpe: The Scottish Tour
               Oct 22-27 THE GALLERY IN CORK STREET: Contemporary Swedish Art
               Sep 25-Oct 20 GALLERY 286: First London Show -
               Sep 3-Oct 20 ATKINSON GALLERY: The Urban Wastelands Project
               Oct 19 NARENJ ART GALLERY: Grand Opening
               Sep 22-Oct 13 BLUEMOON GALLERY: B for Birthday:
               Sep 21-Oct 12 BICHA GALLERY: Anna Barlow
               Aug 31-Oct 9 JIQ JAQ CONTEMPORARY ART: Marilyn Koan
               Oct 6-7 ISLINGTON CONTEMPORARY ART AND DESIGN FAIR: Painting, Sculpture, Moving Image
               Sep 18-Oct 6 METALL-FX ART: Bronislaw Krzysztof
               Sep 11-Oct 6 LONDON GLASSBLOWING STUDIO & GALLERY: Chime
               Jun 24-Sep 30 CAOL RUADH SCULPTURE PARK: Sculpture on the Kyles of Bute
               Sep 24-29 APPLIED IMAGINATION: Applied Imagination
               Aug 12-Sep 27 THE AIRT GALLERY: 'Orcadian Cadence', Peter Brown
               Sep 1-24 BELGRAVE ST IVES: W. Barns-Graham
               Sep 12-16 THE 20/21 BRITISH ART FAIR: The 20/21 British Art Fair
               Sep 4-16 ABBEY WALK GALLERY: Stephen Newton
               Jul 4-Sep 16 GREENWICH PRINTMAKERS GALLERY: London MMXII - Midsummer Exhibition
               Sep 11-15 54 THE GALLERY: More on Music:, Paintings, Ceramics
               Sep 5-15 THE GALLERY IN CORK STREET: Angela Lyn
               Aug 24-Sep 15 BRITISH GLASS BIENNALE: contemporary glass
               Sep 5-11 FORTY7 GALLERY: Sachin Melwani
               Sep 7-9 HELFA GELF / ART TRAIL: North Wales Open Studios
               Aug 13-Sep 4 OPEN EYE GALLERY/EYE TWO: John Bellany at 70
               Jul 7-Sep 2 VICTORIA ART GALLERY: Graham Dean
               Jul 5-Sep 1 THE PADSTOW STUDIO: Sarah Adams
               Until Aug 31 ZEST GALLERY: BLAST! 2012
               From Jul 1 NEWLYN SCHOOL GALLERY: Newlyn School
               Jul 22-Aug 31 SCULPT GALLERY: Summer Exhibition
               Jun 9-Aug 26 MORAY ART CENTRE: Masters & Champions: Classical Greece - 300 Years of British Inspiration
               Aug 18-19 ABERDEEN ART FAIR: Art in the Heart of the City
               Aug 6-18 ZHEN SHAN REN ARTS: The Art of Zhen Shan Ren
               Jul 21-Aug 17 NEW CRAFTSMAN GALLERY: John Miller (1931-2002)
               Jun 16-Aug 12 SLADERS YARD: Julian Bailey
               Jul 14-Aug 11 ATTIC GALLERY: 50th Anniversary Exhibition
               Jul 9-Aug 11 ATKINSON GALLERY: Summer Show 2012
               Jul 25-Aug 10 THE BERMONDSEY PROJECT - OUTSIDE THE WHITE CUBE OPEN EXHIBITION: Outsiders' Celebration of Sport
               Jul 2-Aug 3 ALPHA GALLERY: Daniela Ribeiro
               Jul 13-31 BICHA GALLERY: Beneath the Architecture of Beauty
               Jun 1-Jul 30 MITCHELL STUDIO GALLERY: Fresh Gateaux from the River at Henley
               May 5-Jul 29 SAINSBURY CENTRE FOR VISUAL ARTS: Bill Viola
               Jul 5-21 THE ARTHOUSE GALLERY: Chris Billington
               Jun 25-Jul 21 bo.lee gallery: Bobbie Russon
               Jun 21-Jul 20 ALAN WHEATLEY ART: Modern British Sculpture: Fanning the Flames
               Jul 10-15 THE GALLERY IN REDCHURCH STREET: Manchester to London
               Jul 9-14 THE GALLERY 54 'A Touch of Colour' . . . Sarah Blackett-Ord, Caroline Tetley
               Jun 1-Jul 14 ARTWAVE WEST: Anniversary Exhibition
               Jun 23-Jul 28 THE ART SHOP: A Given Glory - George Rowlett’s Flower Paintings
               Jul 6-8 BLOOMSBURY ART FAIR: Work by established and emerging contemporary artists
               Jun 28-Jul 7 SWA: Society of Women Artists
               One day Jun 30 WESTLAND PLACE STUDIOS: Open 12
               Apr 1-Jun 30 ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE: Spring Catalogue
               From Jun 26 A&D GALLERY: Neil Davies & Ben Catt
               Jun 21-25 CHELSEA ART SOCIETY: 65th Annual Open Art Exhibition
               Jun 7-10, Jun 21-24 THE JOINTURE STUDIOS: Caught in Colour
               Jun 9-24 SURREY ARTISTS OPEN STUDIOS: 160 open studios in Surrey
               Jun 12-23 MENIER GALLERY: Anne-Catherine Phillips
               May 19-Jun 23 SAMUEL ROBSON FINE ART: Peter Joyce
               May 21-Jun 23 TRICYCLE GALLERY: Sue Whitmore
               May 14-Jun 18 CHELSEA FRAMERS GALLERY: Sea and River Studies
               May 25-Jun 17 BICHA GALLERY: Colin McCallum
               Jun 12-16 RHUE ART: James Hawkins
               Jun 1-16 THE ARTHOUSE GALLERY: Offbeat
               Jun 1-14 BATH ARTISTS' STUDIOS: 'Edinburgh/Stockton, Stockton/Edinburgh'
               May 26-Jun 10 L'ARTISHE GALLERY & STUDIO: Sheila Girling
               May 11-Jun 9 BANKSIDE GALLERY: Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers
               May 6-Jun 5 SCULPT GALLERY: Woman Past & Present
               May 28-Jun 2 THE GALLERY IN CORK STREET: Christopher Hauser
               May 10-30 CURWEN & NEW ACADEMY GALLERY: Lucy Willis RWA
               May 21-26 MALL GALLERIES: Louise Giblin ARBS
               May 24 HALCYON GALLERY: 'Bedroom'
               Apr 28-May 19 JOHN DAVIES GALLERY: David Prentice
               May 17-20 THE ANIMAL ART FAIR: contemporary animal artists
               May 14-19 THE GALLERY IN CORK STREET: The Society of Portrait Painters
               Apr 16-May 12 GALLERY PANGOLIN: Best in Show: the dog
               Mar 5-May 12 JENNY BLYTH FINE ART: 'Belief & Beyond'
               Apr 13-May 11 THE MACKINTOSH CHURCH AT QUEEN'S CROSS: Malcolm Dobson
               Apr 3-May 8 THE ART GALLERY: Midnight Tango by Charles Willmott
               Apr 30-May 5 GALLERY 27: TACTUS 7
               Apr 18-May 5 HIGHGATE CONTEMPORARY ART: Janey Sharratt
               Mar 10-Apr 29 ROYAL WEST OF ENGLAND ACADEMY: Eric Ravilious
               Apr 23-28 GALLERY 27: Beyond the Frame - Cuban Contemporary Art
               Apr 16-28 INGO FINCKE GALLERY: Katty McMurray
               Apr 20-26 RED MANSION ART PRIZE: 2012 Red Mansion Art Prize
               Mar 23-Apr 24 AUSTIN/DESMOND FINE ART: Prunella Clough
               Apr 20-22 CHELSEA ART FAIR: 17th Annual Chelsea Art Fair
               Apr 17-21 UNITED SOCIETY OF ARTISTS: 91st Annual Open Exhibition
               Apr 1-21 THE STOUR GALLERY: Jessica Cooper RWA
               Apr 10-22 THE FOUNTAIN GALLERY: Tessa Pearson
               Mar 17-Apr 22 LIFE - THE GALLERY: Angela Wakefield & Rachel Tighe
               Apr 16-21 GALLERY 27: Post-War British Art
               From Mar 14-Apr 20 A&D GALLERY: 1c Life
               Until Apr 18 CELIA LENDIS CONTEMPORARY: Cotswold Landscape Paintings
               Mar 17-Apr 14 WEST WALES ARTS CENTRE: Michael Gustavius Payne, Mike Jenkins, Dim Gobaith Caneri
               Mar 2-Apr 14 HAMILTONS GALLERY: Cathleen Naundorf
               Apr 7-13 THE CRYPT GALLERY: Sean Hewitt
               Apr 6-12 PURE SPRING ART FAIR: Celebrating Print
               Mar 14-Apr 12 ALAN WHEATLEY ART: Gary Wragg
               Mar 27-31 GALLERY 27: Gary Betts
               Mar 19-31 ANTLERS GALLERY: Other Nature
               Mar 7-31 CURWEN & NEW ACADEMY GALLERY: Robin Richmond
               Feb 20-Mar 31 ATKINSON GALLERY: MA and Other Postgraduates 2012
               Mar 13-24 THE ARTHOUSE GALLERY: Michael Gough
               Mar 10-24 GUILDFORD HOUSE GALLERY: Jessie Mahtani (née Semple)
               Mar 2-24 BICHA GALLERY: Alive., Akiko Ban
               Feb 18-Mar 8 GX GALLERY: Raymond Brownell
               Sep 17-Mar 4 ORIEL YNYS MôN: Island Inspiration
               Feb 1-27 WASHINGTON GALLERY: Dim Gobaith Caneri by Michael Gustavius Payne and Mike Jenkins
               Feb 10-15 CAMBRIDGE ART SALON: The Finsbury Park Deltics
               Dec 1 Feb 12 NATIONAL HORSERACING MUSEUM: Tory Lawrence
               Jan 31-Feb 11 MENIER GALLERY: Anna Scott
               Jan 20-Feb 10 BICHA GALLERY: Fabio Coruzzi
               Jan 31-Feb 5 PEPPER GALLERY: Double Lives of Artists
               Jan 18-27 GALLERY 27: Prize Winners' Exhibition
               Jan 16-21 PRICE DAVIES FINE ART: Marcus Grey
               Sep 21-Jan 15 BEN URI GALLERY: Josef Herman
               Dec 1-Jan 11 I C N GALLERY: Riusuke Fukahori

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