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28. MAY - 2. JUNE 2012

SKY.LINES | Christopher Hauser | 28. May – 2. June 2012

Christophers work combines contemporary and fine art photography to produce unique and powerful images. He

captures dramatic and vivid scenes of our planet that take us on a journey, triggering emotions and awakening past


After successfully studying Photography and earning his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts in London,

Christopher began his work as an independent photographer focusing on architecture and fine art. Following his

first private solo exhibition in Munich displaying a body of work from his Antarctica trip in 2009, Christopher has

taken on projects of a commercial as well as personal nature that have taken him across the globe. His upcoming

exhibition SKY.LINES features exhilarating photography of international metropolises.

His sensational panoramas portray the character of civilisations imprints on Earth. The unique vantage points evoke

fascination while stimulating our imagination, taking you away from your ordinary surroundings. Christopher

wants you to witness and experience the fascination of the world in all its details and sums.

For all enquiries, further information or images please contact:

Christopher Hauser

+44 757 241 99 89

28 Cork Street, W1S 2NG, London | Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 10-6.30; Sa 10-5