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Eric Rimmington returns to the Bohun Gallery this November with a glorious collection of

new paintings. Described by the critic William Packer as ' one of the country's most

distinguished exponents in the field of still life’, Rimmington richly deserves his place

amongst Britain’s most celebrated contemporary still life artists. His virtuosic paintings are

characterised by his eclectic choice of objects, placed apparently at random against a

bare studio wall. The effect is both beautiful and intriguing.

There is a grandeur in many of these paintings, in spite of their comparatively modest size.

Eric Rimmington marvels at the detail and invites the viewer into his world where we stop

and stare, enthralled by the reflection of light on a lustre vase, the transparency of a

broken egg shell or the texture of a crumpled paper bag. The unexpected juxtaposition of

colour and even the space between the objects create a resounding tension and forces

the viewer to take note. Those familiar with his work will recognise recurring items from his

studio with the same affection and delight that Rimmington clearly experiences. Those

who consider his subjects more deeply will be rewarded by the riddles hidden within titles

or the relationships between the chosen objects which run throughout his oeuvre. Unlike

so many of the celebrated still life artists who have gone before, Rimmington does not

manipulate his subject matter and exploit it for the pictorial elements, but simply relishes

and celebrates these cherished objects and in doing so, encourages us to appreciate our

own surroundings.

When celebrated chef Raymond Blanc first saw Eric Rimmington’s paintings, he was so

taken with the work that he bought a number of paintings for his restaurant Le Manoir Aux

Quat’ Saisons and created the Conservatory dining room to house them. His admiration

for the artist has been unwavering and in 2006 he placed a further selection of paintings in

the new Grande Salle.

15 Reading Road, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire RG9 1AB

Telephone /Fax 01491 576228

Bohun Contemporary Art Limited Company No. 5708718 Registered office as above Director: P M Jordan Evans

Eric Rimmington has exhibited regularly at the Bohun Gallery since 2001, following 18 years

of exhibiting in London. His work can be seen in public collections across the country and

in 2006 he was awarded the ING Discerning Eye Purchase Prize.

Eric Rimmington: New Paintings

13th November – 1st December 2012

Bohun Gallery, 15 Reading Road, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire RG9 1AB

Tel: 01491 576 228

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