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Daniela Ribeiro

Sun, Moon and Earth

Exhibition dates: 2 July - 3 August 2012

alpha gallery is delighted to present Daniela Ribeiro‟s Sun, Moon and Earth.

In this particular collection, Daniela Ribeiro depicts a dreamlike vision of the

world, a mature consciousness raised from an uncontaminated point of view

reminiscent of that of a child.

Her large compositions immerse the viewer into another space, an ethereal

atmosphere. We recognize the fiery colours of the sunset and the cool tones

of the ocean, inspired by her childhood spent in Luanda. Daniela is inspired

by African visual culture, which is deeply rooted in her identity. We gladly

navigate within her world, lost in the Universe, surrounded by glittering

and glistening planets, meticulously organised into a transcendent

chromatic constellation.

Her technique, complicated and physically very laborious, combines light with

density, and the movement in the mixture of the materials allows the artist to

explore new forms to depict these celestial presences.

Daniela Ribeiro was born to Portuguese parents in 1972 in Angola, where

she lived until 1993. She then moved to Portugal to study Digital Design and

Image Manipulation. Daniela continued her studies in International Relations

in Lisbon‟s University Lusiada. Since 2000 Daniela attended a painting

course in Lisbon Fine Arts Society and in 2005 she established ArtinPark, an

association aiming to support young artists. A year later she moved to Paris

to study sculpture in Pascal Rosiers School. After moving to London at

the end of 2010 Daniela worked on a collaborative project of ArtinPark

and Fiat Marylebone.

Solo Exhibitions: „Uniqueness of Time‟ arTbridge - Hay Hill gallery, London

(2011); „Bionic Eye‟, Fiat Marylebone, London (2010); „Uniqueness of Time‟,

ESCOM Tower, Luanda (2009); „The Observer‟, Antonio Prates Gallery,

Lisbon, Portugal (2008); „Nos, Os Mesmos‟, Galeriea Arte 12, Lisbon,

Portugal (2006); Mulitverso II‟, Galeria Ordem dos Engenheiros, Lisbon,

Portugal (2005); „Mulitverso I‟, Beato Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal (2004); „Sob

Fogo‟, Trussardi Showroom, Lisbon, Portugal (2004).

Collections: Champalimaud Collection, Espirito Santo Collection, Vasco

Pereira Coutinho Collection, Manuel Champalimaud Collection, Miguel

Champalimaud Collection, Joao Pinto Ribeiro Collection, Joao Iberico

Nogueira Collection, Sindika Dokolo Collection, Laurie Pinto Collection,

BANIF Mais Bank, Portuguese Foundation of Communications, Antonio

Prates Foundation, Franck Petitgas (Tate Modern Trustee).

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