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1st October 2012

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Art Exhibition of Recent Work by Nicola Slattery at Mandell’s Gallery, Elm Hill, Norwich.

Moments of Imagination” is an exhibition that invites the viewer to share the unique world

that exists in this much-loved artists head. Take a few moments for yourself, visit this

exhibition and see how it speaks to your own imagination.

Moments of Imagination” – recent work by Nicola Slattery

at: Mandell’s Gallery, Elm Hill, Norwich, Norfolk

from: 5th November until 24th November. Monday to Saturday 10am – 5pm

Moments of Imagination

Mandell’s Gallery has long held a reputation for showing the best of both past and

contemporary art created in Norfolk. In November it will hold its first major solo show of work

by Nicola Slattery who has been described as one of Norfolk’s leading artists.

Many in the contemporary art world are familiar with the distinct narrative style of painting and

printmaking of Nicola Slattery. It has inspired and influenced many others. She has exhibited

widely and her work is in public and private collections around the world. It has been much

written about and described variously as; haunting, surreal, beautiful, cerebral, thoughtful,

whimsical, serene, and possessing “a certain quality that defies analysis, and which brings

one back to look at them again and again.". The art critic Ian Collins wrote of her work: "A

Wild Imagination. The title could sum up all her work." whilst the television art commentator

Sister Wendy Becket described it as magical art, pure, humorous and strong. Art writer

Philip Vann described one of her paintings as having “... the touching directness of a

medieval illustration as well as carrying modern symbolist and surrealist overtones”

Recognisable themes continue to develop in Nicola Slattery’s work. Enigmatic lovers and

solitary figures are often accompanied by icons of nature such as animals or birds

characterised by what she calls peaceful thoughtfulness. The moments in time she portrays

are inspired by an imagination fed on myths and stories combined with events and emotions

that may be real or imagined. Her imagery often feels spiritual and resonates with the

emotions and core of what it means to be human. Perhaps for this reason it is used by

psychotherapists, including practitioners in Israel and USA. In her own words, she states “Art

is always about meaning but the best art allows its meaning to be interpreted

differently by different individuals. Art comes from imagination and it is to the

imagination that it should speak.

For more information and high res jpeg images of Nicola Slattery’s work please contact:

John Allen, Mandell’s Gallery: Tel: 01603 626 892 email

Nicola Slattery, Tel: 01986 788853 email

or visit:

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