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Chime: A Merging of Talents

Tuesday 11th September to Saturday 6th October

Bruno Romanelli, B293 Inhale £POA

“Glass is so rich in possibilities – transparent, opaque, translucent, invisible, smooth, glossy,

textured. As a vehicle for colour it is matchless.” Rachel Woodman

Apart from bells striking or pealing, the word chime has other pleasing connotations, such as to blend,

co-ordinate or complement. In deciding on this title, we considered the latter meaning of chime, whilst

the word itself also has a pleasing ring to it.

Some of the exhibitors have worked together in the past, or collaborated to produce the pieces for this

show. In other cases there is a commonality of theme, as in taking a painterly approach to the medium,

or shared subject matter, such as conveying an impression of landscape. Other more sculptural objects,

expressed in a variety of styles, chime by virtue of the material and conceptual qualities they reveal and


Chime also refers to the continuity of theme, of one artist’s style resonating sympathetically with

another’s, creating a harmony. It is these harmonic threads which bind together the work of the artists in

this exhibition.

Crispian Heath, Seeds with Wings £POA

Phil Vickery, Distracted Thoughts £3600

Charlie Macpherson, Offering Bowls £1800

Rachel Woodman, Green Canoe with 3 faceted pebbles £4400

Bruno Romanelli uses ‘the principles of form, colour and light in a quest to achieve the perfect

combination of these three fundamental elements’.

Neil Wilkin and Crispian Heath approach glass from two very different directions, in order to create

elegant forms based on the natural world and Rachel Woodman has worked extensively with Neil Wilkin

over many years.

For Charlie McPherson and Phil Vickery, the blown form is just the starting point. Through cutting and

polishing, they both reveal hidden qualities of the piece within.

The coming together in collaboration of Peter Layton, Bruno Romanelli, and Wrightson & Platt

represents the very essence of ‘Chime’. The marriage of three separate disciplines; bronze sculpture,

cast glass, and blown glass in a synergy of form, resulting in the creation of a piece greater than the sum

of its parts.

This is an exceptional opportunity to see fine new works by some of the UK's leading glass artists,

together with pieces by some of our most talented emerging artists.

Editor's notes:

Peter Layton's London Glassblowing Studio and Gallery is a hot glass studio focused on the creation and display of

contemporary glass art. The studio has a reputation as one of Europe's leading glassmaking workshops with a particular

flair for the use of colour, form and texture.

Peter Layton Europe’s pre-eminent glassmaker produces individual pieces of decorative glass in sculptural and

functional forms. The work is free blown, permitting a greater degree of involvement and attention to detail than is

possible on standardised production and ensuring the individuality of each piece.

Visitors to London Glassblowing may experience the heat and magic of the ancient craft of glassmaking while watching a

gather of molten glass evolve into something of value and beauty. The studio not only gives the public real insights into

the art of making glass, it actually also offers a day's tuition in the art, with the opportunity to create and keep their own


Peter Layton's work is available through the Gallery at London Glassblowing in addition to galleries and exhibitions in the UK,

Europe and America. Everyone, from Elton John to the Duchess of Kent, has bought Peter Layton's glass.

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