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Waiting for the Sun

An exhibition of new work by Italian artist Fabio Coruzzi

Opening Reception: 6.30 8.30 pm 19 January 2012

Exhibition: 20 January 10 February

Bicha Gallery

7 Gabriels Wharf

South Bank

London SE1 9PP

020 7928 0083

Fabio Coruzzi West (detail) mixed media H 850 x W 1150 mm 2011

Fabio Coruzzi is a story teller. His imaginative tales capture the realities of urban life and infuse them

with the social commentary of a court jester. The work in this exhibition titled Waiting for the Sun

looks at our urban landscapes, the financial crisis and our daily roles and rituals.

These mixed media works use contemporary and historical photography screen prints as their starting

point. Rough, raw canvases bring a concrete quality to which he adds his graffiti of oil pastels,

acrylics, watercolours, pens, markers and pencils. His hand drawn annotations bring insight to these

multilayered images like an architect adding notes to a masterplan.

“I think about human beings living in the post-industrial, urban environment, where the interaction

between manual and mechanics is the main dish of our existential menu. That is the main reason

I use printmaking in my works, a mix of manual and mechanical interactive processes.

Fabio is clear; art belongs to everyone. Art and artists should be accessible. In 2011, Fabio was

selected for the final jury of the BBC 2’s programme, Show Me the Monet. A possible example of the

growing democratisation of the art world.

Mass media has created a structure for language, leading the human mind to become a limited edition

print. Our narratives are created, repeated, distorted until they evolve and take on new meaning. His

provocative and ironic urban scenarios are simple witness to that process.

Bicha Gallery

7 Gabriels Wharf

South Bank

London SE1 9PP

020 7928 0083

Fabio Coruzzi Waiting of the Sun Mixed media H 800 x W 800 mm 2011

Fabio Coruzzi Delineazione discontinua del sottoproletariato urbano Mixed media H 700 x W 850 mm 2011

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