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For Immediate Release

giving way

paintings for london

angela lyn

curated by max koss

the gallery in cork street

5 september to 15 september 2012, 11am to 7pm daily

opening reception tuesday, 4 september 2012, 6 to 9pm

Curated by Max Koss, giving way is a selection of recent paintings, in particular a series

of Angela Lyn’s signature large-scale landscapes, which present a unique fusion of

western and eastern traditions. In this show, Lyn claims painting’s continued relevance

by putting forth a poetics of painting standing in radical contrast to the totalizing claims

of the ever faster, technologized image culture of urban life. Her work guides its viewers

into a sensuous dialogue with urban life’s juxtapositions and fragility through a journey

of introspective reflection and caring serenity.

The work on view extends Lyn’s exploration of the relationship between time, place and

subjectivity but also reveals the fragility of the process of painting and productively

engages its inherent instabilities. Lyn’s landscapes, worked from photographs taken in

the artist’s immediate surroundings in Ticino, Switzerland, transcend the local and

suggest a universal topography. Marco Franciolli, Director of Art Museums in Lugano,

where Lyn lives and works, has said about her landscapes: “One recalls the myth of the

romantic landscape. However, it is precisely within this subtle equilibrium [of focus and

openness], between the infinite of nature, as suggested in the landscape, and an

anchorage to the earthly, as articulated in the careful attention to detail, that Angela Lyn

manifests her contemporary sensibility.”

Lyn’s labor-intensive images are built by thin layers of oil paint superimposed on each

other, with the lighter colors being applied first, and darker tones added subsequently.

This technique allows her to create remarkable effects of light and luminosity, creating

a strong sense of expansiveness, which stands in marked contrast to the otherwise flat

appearance of the painted surface. It is the tension between the minute brushstrokes

and the veil-like nature of the finished paintings that brings to the fore Lyns quest for an

almost minimal, yet metaphysical painting.

The same generosity with which Lyn imbues the landscapes, she also invests in the

other canvases in the show, in which she zooms in on details, be they small

assemblies of objects or parts of trees. Here Lyn embraces a more open yet subtly

cautious figurative mode, and her titles hint at the storylines behind her work.

Throughout, Lyn keeps the figurative and the abstract, the lyrical and the metaphysical in

play with each other so as to create new images out of the ambiguities inherent in her

ongoing exploration of painterly possibilities. Indeed, Angela Lyn has been investigating

the thresholds of her medium as perhaps no other painter of her generation in her quest

to use her work as a space of dialogue between oppositions and finding of the self.

Angela Lyn was born in Windsor, England in 1955 to a Chinese father and an English

mother. In 1968 she emigrated with her family to the USA. In 1972 she travelled to

Taiwan to explore her Asian heritage, pursuing studies in Chinese language and

painting at Fu-Jen University in Taipei. Later, returning to England, she studied Fine Art at

Southampton College of Art and Byam Shaw School of Painting, London. In 1978 she

moved to Switzerland and attended the Master Class in painting, led by Franz Fedier at

the Kunstgewerbeschule, Basel. She is the mother of three children and presently lives

and works in Lugano, Switzerland. Her works can be found in corporate, private and

museum collections across Europe, Russia and the USA.

Max Koss was born in 1982 in Berlin. A student of the Humanities and Social Sciences,

he has lived in Berlin, Paris, and London, where he graduated from the LSE and the

Courtauld Institute of Art. He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Art History at the

University of Chicago. He is a scholar of modern European art, and has written essays

ranging from German Romanticism to the work of Gerhard Richter. He has been

following Angela Lyn’s work for many years, and is a regular contributor to her


A catalogue featuring a text by Max Koss will accompany the gallery exhibition.


Before and after the exhibition

T +41 79 685 5905

PR Victoria Cadogan Rawlinson: T+44 07775521800

During the show

T +44 20 7437 2812

M +44 7906 060352

giving way

paintings for london

angela lyn

curated by max koss

5 september to 15 september 2012

opening reception

11am to 7pm daily or by appointment

tuesday 4 september 2012

the gallery in cork street

6pm to 9pm

28 cork street london w1s 3ng