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BLAST! 2012


July 6 – August 8, 2012

ZeST Contemporary Glass Gallery is excited to be hosting BLAST! 2012, the 10th anniversary exhibition

of Cohesion Glass Network. To celebrate this landmark, ZeST has invited eight of Cohesion's founding

members to exhibit their latest artworks and given each of them the opportunity to select an emerging

artist to be a partner” and show work alongside them.

These eight artists are Criss Chaney, Dominic Fonde, Zoe Garner, Ruth Lyne, Joanne Mitchell, Claudia

Phipps, Roger Tye and Cate Watkinson. They have selected partners whose work they admire, or find

complementary to their own, or in some cases they have joined forces to create unique collaborative

work, exploring and developing themes and concepts held in common. Some, but not all, of the partner

artists are Cohesion members, and all but one of the partners are artists working in glass.

Cohesion founder member Dominic Fonde chose digital media artist Chua Teng Yeow to jointly create a

representation of the Greek mythological Minotaur and the Cretan labyrinth. Other artists are linked by

their themes and concepts; Claudia Phipps, whose work ʻOn the Wing' captures the delicacy of the

feather and wing in flight, has partnered June Kingsbury whose multi-media work also uses elements of

the natural world illustrated in glass.

The exhibition features a diverse selection of glass art, including wall-mounted and installation artwork,

as well as vessels and sculpture, and embodies a broad spectrum of processes and techniques. The

pairings within the show create an exciting dynamic of glass, artistic and otherworldly narratives.

Criss Chaney with Robyn Townsend

Dominic Fonde with Chua Teng Yeow

Zoe Garner with Carrie Fertig

Ruth Lyne with Rachel O'Dell

Joanne Mitchell with Tim Tate

Claudia Phipps with June Kingsbury

Roger Tye with Michael Janis

Cate Watkinson with Emma Hollins


THURSDAY July 5, 6.30-8.30pm

Notes to editors:

Cohesion Glass Network

Cohesion aims to assist and support glass businesses and practitioners to develop their skills, create new

opportunities and promote the quality and diversity of their work to wider markets.

Cohesion encourages individual artists to join together to explore markets and attend selling events that

they may not otherwise be able to access individually. Working as a group helps keep expenses down and

enables makers to participate in new shows and events in a cost-effective way.

Cohesion underpins this with practical advice and support, assistance with funding for the development of

new work and an information service for potential commissions, competitions and events.

ZeST Contemporary Glass Gallery

ZeST Gallery, which opened in 2003, brings outstanding British and international glass to a wider

audience through an exciting and varied exhibition programme as well as permanent collections of work

by Adam Aaronson and other contemporary artists.

During the week, visitors can watch glassmakers in action at the adjacent Aaronson Noon Glass Studio

giving people a fascinating insight into the skilled world of glassblowing.

Entrance is free and all work is available to buy from ZeST Gallery.

ZeST Gallery is open:

Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm

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