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Press Release

15th August 2012

Metall-FX Art

Metall-FX known for creative metal coatings for both interior and

exterior surfaces draws on new technology to produce liquid metal

sculptural paintings and 3D sculptures.

Metall-FX founder Brian Eatwell has been working with liquid metal since

the mid-nineties. Having had numerous commercial commissions over the

years, Eatwell's creative vision, influence, inspiration and support sees

Metall-FX move into the world of art, which began with a Residency

Programme this summer.

Essentially a retreat where artists were able to focus without distraction,

and work in their creative genres responding to nature and the elements,

drawing on new technology and liquid metal to produce sculptural

paintings and metal sculptures.

Metall-FX Artists in Residence Krzysztof Krzysztof and Jane Renwick

created a series of conceptual pieces using different substrates such as

glass, metal, resin, stone, silicone, terracotta and wood, developing

dynamic works of organic abstraction, nature and realism incorporating

liquid metal technology. Krzysztof explains: “Two mediums come together

and there are no limitations. It’s like fusing engineering with poetry.”

A small group of acclaimed artists and sculptors were invited to join

Metall-FX on the Liquid Metal Technology Residency Programme, which

was held in Krzysztof’s native Poland. Artists and artisans included

leading violin maker Ryszard Florek, Dominika Griesgraber-Lievore whose

work is on permanent display around the globe, surrealist Marcin

Zalewski, Janusz Jedrzejowski who sculpts in wood, stone and ceramics.

Also sculptor, painter and photographer Mariusz Wolny, along with Wit

Boguslawski whose vast paintings are on display in both public and private

collections, sculptor and painter Antoni Walerych, talented rising star

Malgorzata Lojko and the award winning Internationally renowned sculptor

Bronislaw Krzysztof.

Best pieces from the Residency and other commissioned works will be on

exhibit at Gallery Different this autumn.


Metall-FX Art

Gallery Different

14 Percy Street, London W1T 1DR

18th Sept- 6th Oct 2012

Admission free

An Exhibition of Sculptural Painting and commissioned works

created during Metall-FX 2012 Residency, using liquid metal technology.

Works by sculptor Bronislaw Krzysztof and other artists. |

Gallery Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10am – 6pm | Thursday 10am- 7pm

Saturday 11 - 5pm | Evening viewings by invitation or appointment

FITZROVIA LATES | Thursday 27th September open till 9pm

+44 (0) 1488 72688

Editor's notes:


Unit Oak & Beech | Membury Industrial Estate

Ramsbury Road | Lambourn Woodlands

Hungerford | Berkshire


For further information please contact:

Catherine Mansel Lewis

Krzysztof Krzysztof

Metall-FX PR & Marketing

Artist in Residence

T: 01488 72688


M: 07966 764554

T: 01488 72688