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Savouring the remnants

An exhibition of eye deceiving ceramics

by British ceramicist, Anna Barlow

Opening Reception 6.30 8.30 pm 20 September 2012

The exhibition continues from 21 September 12 October 2012

Bicha Gallery

7 Gabriels Wharf

South Bank

London SE1 9PP

020 7928 0083

Anna Barlow Cushion Food earthenware, porcelain, bone china, glaze, found spoon

W 230 x H 150 x D 230 mm 2012

Ceramicist Anna Barlow’s new exhibition looks at different ways of indulgent eating with a series

of trompe l’oeil work. Savouring the remnants reflects Barlows fascination in the way we eat

celebrational treats and of how they are assembled and displayed in our culture. She also plays with the

momentary nature of ice cream and the permanence of ceramic.

Leading ceramist Kate Malone said: “The level of detail and skill in Anna Barlow’s Ice cream

creations is bewitching... each seemingly simple and fun piece is actually a complex and

informed assembly of research and knowledge of porcelain, clay and glaze, resulting in a

beautiful work of art.

Savouring the remnants presents the latest of Anna Barlow’s on-going narratives around food. Each

piece is made with both porcelain and earthenware and made by combining press moulding, slip casting

and hand building. This is brought together in a series of processes and multiple firings to result in

complex, playful pieces, rich in colour, texture and energy.

Barlow is seduced by how food can tell a story of the people and place: left over plates leave a trace

of the character of the eater - why did they leave the cherry on the side of the plate or a half-eaten


Anna Barlow said: We can often identify with these habits in ourselves, and others, while seeing the

beautifully personal of what some might as simply trivial. It is what makes us us.

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Bicha Gallery

7 Gabriels Wharf

South Bank

London SE1 9PP

020 7928 0083

Mr Much Too Much Porcelain, Earthenware, Glaze 2011

Barlow’s “Mr Much Too Much series starts to explore and manifest the way our minds form fantasy

objects from reality. The starting point of being asked to choose a flavour, sprinkles and topping and then

indecision and greed come into play. Extra portions of cream and cherries are added, sauces and flavours

intermingle and the result is a bizarre and mutated, unbalanced shape which even though strange, is still

appealing in its own way and unique to the creator of this manifestation.


Various private collections: Belgium, Canada, France, Hong Kong, London, New York, Portugal,

Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey.

Ice Cream Partner: Roskilly’s Award winning Cornish ice cream

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