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Gary Betts1000 Degrees - contemporary ceramic

figurative sculpture

After 25 years in the commercial

creative world. Gary Betts’ life was

derailed when three of his friends,

all in their late 40s, died within 4

months of each other. This shook

Betts to the core and was the

catalyst for him re-evaluating his

life. He decided to leave behind the

commercial world and focus his

creative energies in a more personal

and fulfilling way through

sculpture, which he’d put on hold

since art school.

His work is often described as

enigmatic, perhaps a clue is his past.

His father walked out when he was

only 4 years old and he grew up on a

council estate on the edge of Epping

Forest. Betts found sanctuary

playing and hiding in the woods that

held magical moments for him,

these are re-visited along with some

of the more turbulent emotions that

are also evident in his work.

Gary Betts’ first solo exhibition -

1000 Degrees is in London

27th-31st March 2012,

Gallery 27,

Cork Street,

London W1S 3NG.

For more information contact :

or call 07788 714139