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Bird on a Mission”


East Bergholt”

Blue Moon”

Richard Snowden

Beatrice Ridley

William Savage

Katie James

The Double Lives of Artists, Pepper Gallery

31 January -5 February 2012

54 Shepherds Market, Mayfair W1J 7QX

Gallery open Monday-Saturday 11-6pm and Sunday 11-3pm.

Rowena Diggle, Katie James, Odile Kidd, Charlie Mackesy, Anne Michael,

Beatrice Ridley, William Savage, Richard Snowden, Stephanie Stow

We sometimes dream of leading a double life, and in the case of these Pepper Gallery artists, there is no end of

double lives being led. All have forged impressive careers as artists whilst maintaining professional day jobs:

Farmers, publishers, lawyers, professional make-up artists and even a banker, this group of artists have created

a momentous following through their brilliant bodies of work.

Farmer by day and artist by night, Richard Snowden’s astonishingly vibrant and colourful work has been

exhibited all over the world. He is also one of Yorkshire’s biggest salad growers. His distinctive vision is

unencumbered by formal art education, a common thread amongst these Pepper Gallery artists. Instead Richard

takes his own natural and assured line - with an irresistibly idiosyncratic, even anarchic, approach to colour. His

rich and vibrant colours are all the more surprising as he is colour blind.

City litigator, Beatrice Ridley, has a body of incredibly realistic work and has garnered a substantial following.

Completing 7 exhibitions in less than 2 years, and having been recruited by two London galleries, she is now

too busy painting to sue anybody.

Katie James works in publishing during the day, promoting books by No. 1 bestselling authors. Her distinctive

style has resulted in a number of sell out exhibitions in Central London and Northern Ireland.

“Not since the Pitmen painters have I seen such talented and exciting double life artists. I am delighted to have

been given the opportunity to exhibit and sell this absolutely glorious collection of art work”, Pepper Gallery’s

owner, Beatrice Ridley says. This sensational exhibition of paintings and sculptures at Pepper Gallery held

in Shepherd’s Market for this exclusive week covers a huge range of modern themes. Subjects range from wild

African fauna to farm animals in Yorkshire, still lives from Kensington and Chelsea attics and Thames barges

to West London gin distilleries. Collectively the work gives a fascinating view into contemporary 21st century


For further information, contact Beatrice at the Pepper Gallery,

e. t. +44(0)791 723 3103