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Set 8.3.06

               BOOK REVIEWSANSOM & COMPANY: Francis Davison
               Nov 30-Dec 15 ANGELA MELLOR GALLERY: Objects of Light
               Dec 3-8 THE GALLERY IN REDCHURCH STREET: Phantasmagoria
               Nov 29-Dec 8 MALL GALLERIES: New English Art Club
               Nov 4-Dec 7 ATKINSON GALLERY: Language of Paint
               Dec 2-7 GALLERY 27: Romanos Moukarzel
               Nov 20-Dec 5 THE LOUGHBOROUGH HOTEL GALLERY: Explosive
               Nov 19-Dec 1 OCTAGON GALLERY: Kit Glaisyer - The Cinematic Landscape
               BOOK REVIEWPAGHAM PRESS: Keith Vaughan: The Photographs
               Nov 25-30 THE GALLERY IN CORK STREET: International Modern Masters
               Sep 26-Nov 29 EYKYN MACLEAN, LONDON: Van Gogh in Paris
               Oct 26-Nov 24 WILLIAMSON ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM: Seán McCann
               Nov 5-20 MORLEY GALLERY: London Potters' Open Exhibition
               Nov 15-Nov 17 EDINBURGH ART FAIR: Scotland's Premier Art Fair
               Nov 12-17 THE BANKSIDE GALLERY: United Society of Artists
               Nov 9-17 LITTLE BUCKLAND GALLERY: SPICE
               Sep 26-Nov 16 CRANE KALMAN: Graham Sutherland Landscapes
               Nov 8-16 DOVECOT STUDIOS: Jamie Primrose
               Nov 9-10 WINDSOR CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR: Over 120 artists and galleries
               Oct 19-Nov 10 THE ART ROOM TOPSHAM: Margaret Lovell FRBS RWA
               Sep 24-Nov 9 GALLERY ELENA SHCHUKINA: Interactive Spaces
               Oct 1-Nov 6 THOMAS AND PAUL: An Abstract View
               Oct 29-Nov 3 bo.lee gallery: Bobbie Russon
               Oct 8-Nov 3 THE MUSEUM IN THE PARK: Mathew Harris
               Until Nov 3 ORIEL YNYS MôN: Elfyn Lewis
               Oct 20-Nov 2 BARRY KEENE GALLERY: The Autumn Exhibition
               Sep 5-Oct 31 PORTLAND THE GALLERY: Sue Munson and Ros Perton
               Aug 1-Oct 31 THE SCULPTURE PARK: 20th century, modern and contemporary sculpture
               Oct 1-27 HAMPSHIRE ARTISTS CO-OPERATIVE: Exhibition
               Oct 21-26 THE COURT GALLERY: Bryan Senior
               Oct 5-26 THE SUTTON GALLERY: Philip Maltman
               Oct 3-26 CURWEN GALLERY: Brenda Hartill
               Sep 18-Oct 20 CGP LONDON DILSTON GROVE: Omega Equals One
               Oct 7-19 THE GALLERY IN CORK STREET: Hamish Mackie
               Sep 14-Oct 12 BOHUN GALLERY: Louis Turpin
               Sep 30-Oct 5 GALLERY 27: Derek Hare
               Sep 11-Oct 5 HIGHGATE CONTEMPORARY ART: Angela A'Court PS:, Teresa Lawton
               Sep 6-Sep 29 HELFA GELF ART TRAIL: North Wales Open Studios
Friday to Sunday throughout September: 6-8, 13-15, 20-22, 27-29
               Sep 13-Sep 28 GREENWICH GALLERY: Vanilla Beer
               Sep 10-28 S&D GALLERY: William Balthazar Rose
               Aug 3-Sep 28 THE TURRILL SCULPTURE GARDEN: Sculpture by Eve Shepherd
               Aug 9-Sep 9 ANTHONY WOODD GALLERY: 'Henderson Exhibition'
               Sep 6-Sep 8 NEW ARTIST FAIR: London Exhibition
               Sep 2-Sep 8 OLIVER NEEDS ART: Oliver Needs
               Aug 1-31 ST ALBERT'S CATHOLIC CHAPLAINCY: Ana Maria Pacheco
               Jul 12-Aug 31 ARTWAVE WEST: Summer Exhibition
               Jun 11-Aug 31 BOHUN GALLERY: 40 Years of Fine Art
               Aug 17-25 THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH: Postgraduate Degree Shows
               Aug 15-21 IMPREINT: Balloons
               Aug 9-16 CORK STREET OPEN EXHIBITION: Cork Street Open Exhibition
               Jul 26-28 IMPACT ART FAIR: Impact Art Fair
               Jul 6-14 STUDIO SIENKO GALLERY: New Zealand Art Rentals Sale and Exhibition
               Jul 1-13 ROYAL BIRMINGHAM SOCIETY OF ARTISTS: George Taylor RBSA
               Jun 15-Jul 13 QUERCUS GALLERY: Introducing
               Jun 19-Jul 5 WILLIAM ROAD GALLERY: Under Construction
               Jun 20-24 CHELSEA ART SOCIETY: 66th Annual Open Art Exhibition
               Jun 15-16, 22-23 BRENDA HARTHILL: Paintings and prints
               Jun 8-23 SURREY ARTISTS OPEN STUDIOS: Annual Summer Event
               Jun 17-22 THE GALLERY IN CORK STREET: Jens Beyrich
               Jun 8-20 HOP GALLERY: Edgelands
               Jun 15-16 ART IN MARYLEBONE FAIR: Art in Marylebone
               May 21-Jun 14 CADOGAN CONTEMPORARY: Sargy Mann
               Jun 4-9 VYNER STREET GALLERY: Memories through Line and Colour
               Jun 4-8 MALL GALLERIES: David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
               May 15-Jun 8 PIANO NOBILE GALLERY: Shanti Panchal
               May 9-Jun 8 MARTIN TINNEY GALLERY: Shani Rhys James
               May 25-Jun 2 WYLYE VALLEY ART TRAIL: 280 Artists and Craftspeople
               Mar 30-Jun 2 KESTLE BARTON: Jessica Cooper and Jennie Hancox
               Mar 28-Jun 2 COURT BARN MUSEUM: Reginald Sharpley
               May 19-Jun 1 BARRY KEENE GALLERY: Spring Exhibition
               Apr 22-May 31 GALLERY PANGOLIN: In House
               May 20-25 GALLERY 27: Noel Paine
               May 13-25 THE FRAMERS GALLERY: Philip Meyer
               May 14-18 UNITED SOCIETY OF ARTISTS: 92nd Annual Open Exhibition
               Apr 15-May 17 BELGRAVIA GALLERY: Maria Filopoulou
               May 9-12 20/21 INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR: Modern and Contemporary Art
               May 6-11 GALLERY 27: 6 Painters and 4 Sculptors
               Apr 13-May 11 Hilton Fine Art: Basil Beattie RA
               Apr 13-May 6 CAMPDEN GALLERY: Kurt Jackson
               Apr 5-May 6 bo.lee gallery: Odyssey
               through AprilTHE STOUR GALLERY: Spring Exhibition, Simon Pooley
               Apr 27-28 READING CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR: A stunning selection of artwork to see and buy
               Apr 22-27 GALLERY 27: Michael Sangster
               Mar 17-Apr 27 RABLEY DRAWING CENTRE: Sandy Sykes
               Mar 17-Apr 27 RABLEY DRAWING CENTRE: Master Prints
               Apr 6-27 MARTIN'S GALLERY: Jeff Powell
               Mar 18-Apr 15 BELGRAVIA GALLERY: School of Paris
               Apr 11-14 THE NEW CHELSEA ART FAIR: 35 Leading Galleries
               Apr 5-14 LITTLE BUCKLAND GALLERY: Distillation
               Mar 12-28 MENIER GALLERY: Colours of Water
               Feb 18-Mar 28 ATKINSON GALLERY: MA & Other Postgraduates 2013
               Mar 21 & 23 THE LONDON SKETCH CLUB: 1st Abstract Show & Non Figurative Show
               Feb 26-Mar 15 GALLERY 27: Emily Patrick
               Feb 27-Mar 3 KINETICA ART FAIR: Kinetic, robotic, sound, light, time-based and new media art
               Jan 23-Mar 1 MALL GALLERIES: Memory & Imagination: Dutch Italianate and Contemporary Landscapes
               Feb 19-23 MENIER GALLERY: 'Wild Horses' - An Exhibition of Expressionist Equine Art
               Feb 7-23 THE RUSSELL GALLERY: William Selby RWS NEAC RBA ROI
               Feb 1-23 PIERS FEETHAM GALLERY: Small Paintings Group
               Feb 4-9 THE GALLERY IN CORK STREET: Transcending Boundaries by Aabru Art
               Jan 13-26 LANDMARK ARTS CENTRE: Vaughan Grylls
               Nov 27-Jan 25 STUDIO SIENKO GALLERY: Seek and Hide

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