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For Immediate Release

Philip Maltman Paintings

The Sutton Gallery (newly open on Dundas Street, Edinburgh) is proud to present an

extensive exhibition of abstract paintings by the Scottish-born and London-based

artist Philip Maltman.

Maltman was born in Ayrshire in 1950, where he was captivated by the drama of

Ailsa Craig. The rugged landscape continues to inform his practice, particularly in

abstracted works made from beach-walks where flotsam and jetsam are depicted

from above in a way that recognizes their sense of balance and counterpoise with

each other.

Focusing on the last ten years, the exhibition features works from all of Maltman’s

most important series over this period, including works inspired by the writings (and

in particular the carefully-coded notebooks) of James Joyce, works inspired by his

garden, works that draw on the lyricism of rap music and works that abstract and

interrogate questions of landscape and seasonality.

The act of writing on canvas has been a recurring feature of Maltman’s practice ever

since he was at Hornsey College of Art and Ravensbourne College of Art in the late

1960s and 1970s. As in the work of Cy Twombly, Maltman’s paintings display an

intense sensitivity to the histories behind each object he depicts and phrase he

extracts. However, an important aesthetic in the work is also that of play”, a notion

Maltman inherits from another of his artistic heroes: Don Van Vliet (Captain


Gallery Director Reuben Sutton has commented: “I am delighted to be displaying

Philip Maltmans vibrant and dramatic abstract paintings in The Sutton Gallery. A

profoundly sensitive and experimental Scottish artist, his work displays great

affinities with some of the most innovative painters of the last thirty years. As the

great Peter Schjeldahl wrote of Joan Micthell: “every mark seems to have its own


While at Hornsey, Maltman was active within the revolutionary student movement

there in 1968. Completing his studies at Ravensbourne College of Art, his degree

show eschewed conventional presentation and instead consisted of his studio,

covered in plastic and gorily splattered with red paint.

His more recent work retains this intense energy but it is charged with a sense of

stillness (meditation is a crucial part of Maltman’s practice). The drama of his

paintings comes from the balancing of abstract and symbolic marks on subtle

backgrounds where the space between objects is as active in the works as the

marks themselves.

As Maltman himself has remarked: “I extend my experience and enjoyment of the

world by making artworks. This invariably results in chaos and sometimes in an

acceptable order, which can be called painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, or

photography; generically speaking, an artwork. Artworks for me are about mark

making, drawn, painted, scratched, gouged, flooded, scrubbed, stuck, dried or

dusted. The mark is paramount whether accidental or deliberate and is recognised

as primarily an attempt to convey the accident of passion before the secondary

concerns of deliberate representation or composition.”

Maltman has exhibited widely across the UK, including RA Summer exhibitions, the

Demarco Trust in Edinburgh, Angela Flowers Gallery, Rowley Gallery, Piers

Freeham Gallery, Clink Wharf Gallery in London, Mclaurin Art Gallery in Ayr, Urmson

Burnett Gallery in Salisbury and “mac” in Birmingham. In 2000, his work was

exhibited as part of the John Moore Contemporary Painting 21 exhibition. In 2009, he

was nominated by Rebecca Walker as one of the top ten artists on Saatchi Online

and he was shortlisted for the John Moore Painting Prize in 2010.

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For more information, images and interview requests, please call Colin Herd on

07854972930 or email

Philip Maltman

5th October 26th October 2013

Open Tues Sat 11am 5pm

The Sutton Gallery

18a Dundas Street


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