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A Solo Exhibition of New Sculpture

7th -19th October 2013

The Gallery in Cork Street

28 Cork Street, London W1S 3NG

Mackie’s works “have a compelling freshness, but also great emotional force. Looking at these

sculptures, the spectator often feels that he or she is in the actual presence of the creature

portrayed.” Edward Lucie-Smith, art critic & historian, 2013.

Internationally acclaimed artist Hamish Mackie will present a solo exhibition of new works at

the Gallery in Cork Street from 7th October 2013. His distinctive sculptural depictions of

animals have earned him a reputation as one of the world’s foremost wildlife sculptors and this

exhibition will be a culmination of three years’ work dedicated to his subject-matter.

Mackie has created nearly 50 new works for this triennial exhibition, ranging in size from small

guinea fowl to life-size camels. Though his passion began with British wildlife, the artist has

travelled widely in order to closely observe a diverse range of animals in their natural habitat.

In 2011, he was invited on an expedition cruise to Antarctica with polar experts Ice-Tracks and

had the “invaluable opportunity to study and sculpt some of the planet’s hardiest wildlife within

their pristine rugged environment” Mackie was particularly fascinated by the albatross he

encountered on South Georgia, and was much affected by the fact that 19 out of 21 species of

this bird are currently threatened with extinction. In his depictions of them, the artist captures

the majesty of the animal, conveying both their magnitude and their vulnerability.

By contrast, Mackie has also travelled to Dubai to study camels, as well as completing a series

of dynamic cheetah and leopard sculptures after tracking them with Africat in Namibia.

The exhibition will also showcase British wildlife including otters, deer, game birds and bulls.

For the latter, Mackie has not only studied the living animals, but has also looked closely at

carcasses in order to gain a deeper understanding of their composition. “For me a knowledge

of anatomy is fundamental… Once I had the bull’s anatomy in my head I was able to sculpt the

bull series without interruption.”

It is a combination of this careful, compassionate, observation and obvious delight in his

subject that allows such vitality in the finished works. As Lucie-Smith comments, “it is not

enough simply to observe – he has to fuse himself with what he observes, …his animals always

seem to be on the move, or ready, at any moment to move.

Working closely with the Lockbund Sculpture Foundry in Oxfordshire all the pieces are cast

using the lost wax method in either silver or bronze using a ceramic shell as limited editions.

The quality of this casting allows the artist’s manipulation of the clay to remain clearly visible in

the finished works, so that even a fingerprint can be seen. This is integral to the artistic process

as Mackie’s work is reliant on the virtuosity and spontaneity of his gestures “to capture what

can only be a momentary vision.”

Mackie has previously staged a number of successful international solo exhibitions, perhaps

the most notable being his 2012 show at Mallett in New York. Last year his work was also

selected to be displayed in Grosvenor Square and Oxford Street as part of the Cultural

Olympiad. Mackie’s work is held in the collections of both corporations and private individuals

around the world.

Through his sculptures he also helps to raise funds and awareness for charities including Tusk

Trust, and the Countryside Alliance. The artist comments: “I have always been passionate about

wildlife and one of the great advantages of what I do is being able to observe nature in its own

environment. Through my work, I hope to highlight not only the beauty of our natural world, but

also and perhaps more pertinently, how fragile our relationship with it is becoming.

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Notes to Editors

Hamish Mackie was born in 1973. He grew up on a livestock farm in Cornwall. He has been a sculptor

since 1996 and has works in public and private collections around the world. Public commissions

include Merrill Lynch, Hiscox Insurance, Barclays Bank, The National Trust, Woburn Abbey, Floors Castle,

and Sogo Hong Kong. His passion for sculpture began at school. He followed this enthusiasm for the

arts to Falmouth school of Art and Kingston University where he further developed his sculpting skills.

Mackie is a technically accomplished sculptor working closely with the Lockbund Sculpture Foundry,

and occasionally others, pushing the boundaries of casting metals such as bronze, silver and stainless

steel. Mackie offers a bespoke service to a variety of clients.

Knight Frank, J O Hambro Investment Management, the Countryside Alliance, Steppes Travel and

Haynes Hanson and Clark will be hosting Private Views during the Exhibition.