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26th September -16th November 2013

Following on from the Graham Sutherland Exhibition this summer at the Abbot Hall Art Gallery in Kendal the

show opens at Crane Kalman Gallery in London on the 26th September.

The Exhibition will comprise works from many private collections as well as important loans from the British

Council. The inclusion of a wide variety of sizes of

painting, both oils and works on paper, is important in demonstrating the remarkable

consistency of Sutherland’s treatment of his surroundings, regardless of the scale or medium employed. Central

to this conception of the landscape is the way Sutherland can stumble upon ‘an accidental encounter’, as he

termed it - a stone, or a tree root, for instance and transform it into a strange, abstract form or animal-like

being, while on the other hand he can take a wide, open landscape and make it feel enclosed and self-contained

as if it were an object.

Please see below for a selection of paintings and works on paper that will be included.