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Saturday 10am to 4pm

At: 27 Cork Street, London, W1S 3NG

Tel: 020 7734 7595 (during exhibition period only)

Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm

Realism – Fidelity and Metamorphosis

Michael Sangster writes: “If Modernism has been a breaking free from imitation of appearances, I have gone in the opposite

direction. I work from observation, use traditional subject matter such as Still Life, and try to reproduce what I see as accurately

as possible. I paint the things I am drawn to. In studying reality I find it impossible to ignore any aspect of it; but why would I

want to? It is all there, a banquet of infinite variety, and I do not want to miss any of it. There is a sense of building up a complete

integrity of experience, a totality made of all the parts. The marks on an apple, the folds in cloth are vital ingredients linking the

overall scheme; but despite every effort at objectivity it is nevertheless experience that I am painting. It is not the apple or the

jug but my experience of them that ends up on the canvas, and in that experience, without intention or awareness on my part,

the things painted change from objects into presences with a life of their own, or so it seems. The element of mystery in painting

is something I have always felt to be important.

Michael Sangster studied under Norman Blamey and Ken Kiff at Chelsea School of Art (76-79), and Peter Greenham and Leonard

McComb at the Royal Academy Schools (79-82). On leaving Art School he painted for a year in a remote mountain village in Italy.

Since then, besides painting he has worked as cleaner, barman and teacher. He has exhibited at: Christies, The National Portrait

Gallery, The Royal Academy of Arts, Spink & Son, The New English Art Club, and The McClennan Gallery, Glasgow. In 2012 he was

elected a member of the Art Workers Guild.

Images of Michael Sangsters work can be viewed at and at

Michael Sangster can be contacted before and after the exhibition at:

26A Birchington Road, London NW6 4LJ

Tel: 0207 624 4147

Mob: 07967 119304


Michael Sangster

In the Realm of Perception

22-27 April 2013