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A solo show by Bobbie Russon

29 Oct - 3 Nov | Open 11-5.30 Tues-Sat (12-4 on Sunday)

Pri vat e Vi ew: Tuesday 29 Oct ober 6-9pm ( RSVP)

20 Clerkenwell Green, EC1R 0DP (nearest tube: Farringdon)

The long awaited debut London solo

show from Bobbie Russon will feature

new works from this much coveted

artist. Large scale oil paintings will sit

alongside a new series of wood block


Bobbie Russon's paintings speak to the

quiet, contemplative and solitary place

in all of us, usually featuring lone girls in

a paradoxical moment of adolescence,

caught between the needs of a child

and the wants of an adult. More as a

metaphor for humanity than a literal

interpretation. The girls can seem both

victim and perpetrator, vulnerable and

strong. Russon's work speaks to us on

an emotional level, a whisper rather

than a cry, it gives us time to stand still,

time to reflect in what it means to be


"Ultimately Bobbie Russon is a painter of unusual beauties and harmonies. This

unfurling body of work is not just about privations and heartache, it is filled with

humour and joy. Writing a profile of an artist can be like a séance. It takes

courage to be uncompromisingly revelatory and Russon's paintings bring us as

near to being inside an artist's head as can be." Jane Hill

Bobbie Russon trained at the Royal College of Art and St Martins. was born in

Birmingham in 1966, and currently lives and works in South West London.

Russons somber yet beautiful paintings expose an inherently ambiguous,

complex nature of societys growing fears about the loss of childhood innocence.

They are very English with their grey tones reflecting an outward unemotional


“My work comes from a deep, dark, quiet place in me and hopefully speaks to

that place in others,” she says. If I can evoke a memory or emotion in a stranger

by my own personal interpretation of a shared, but private experience, without

having to use words then I feel I am succeeding

Bobbie Russon is soley represented by bo.lee gallery in the UK and Abroad. Her

paintings are held in private collections globally and she is fast becoming a very

sought after artist.

for further details please contact Jemma on | 07970492858