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A Decade of Artworks By Derek Hare

27 Cork Street

London W1S 3NG

September 30th October 5th

Over the past decade, Derek Hare has visited some amazing, beautiful and inspiring locations and this retrospective

exhibition brings paintings from many of these places together.

Sometimes working to commission, whether for private individuals, companies, countries wishing to promote their

tourism industry, or simply exploring new vistas, Derek Hare always manages to interpret the mood and atmosphere

of these diverse locations in his own inimitable style.

There are some thirteen different countries represented in this exhibition, including Bahamas, Morocco, Portugal,

Vietnam and India. In every case, the paintings capture the essence of each country with palette changes that display

the artist’s colour skills and ability to sense the subtle changes of light in different climatic and weather conditions.

It is a varied collection and one which displays the many textures and techniques that define Derek Hares paintings.

A decade of paintings inspired by travel.

Fishing Coracles at Hoi An, Vietnam

Bahamas Sunset

Castelejo, Algarve

Camel Drivers At Agra

Sunset at Essuoiera