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Press Release

London Gallery Ignites a Revolution in Equestrian Art


Showcasing in Londons Menier Gallery, Wild Horses is a world class exhibition of

expressionist equine art.

The exhibition is presented by leading equestrian art dealer, John Thorley, who says,

“Its a misconception that equine arts heartland is amongst the country set. In fact I

have been dealing in contemporary fine art to city residents, investors and

entrepreneurs for over a decade. This exhibition is, in a way, bringing the glamour,

excitement and style of the Sport of Kings & the melee of the polo field into the heart

of the Capital. The exhibition is designed not just for art collectors & investors, many

of whom have seen strong returns on equine art investments over the last few years,

but also serious horse enthusiasts who simply enjoy these works in their homes.”

Showing from 19th- 23rd February 2013 close to London Bridges ‘Shard and Borough

market, Wild Horses’, showcases the works of two of the countrys most exciting

equestrian artists, Vineta Sayer and Alasdair Banks, who provide an exciting,

colourful and expressionist perspective on a genre besieged by hidebound ‘chocolate

box artistic styles. In recent years their work has appreciated at an average rate in

excess of sixty per cent per annum making their paintings not only pleasing to the eye

but also desirable investments.

The exhibition covers all aspects of equestrian art including racing and polo scenes.

The two artists being exhibited have developed highly original styles. Vineta Sayer

has the ability to imagine and create unique compositions without recourse to

photographic references of any kind and which seem to place the viewer at the heart

of the painting. Alasdair Banks style blends a Fauvist colour sense with a hint of

abstract expressionism to create compositions which are full of raw power, energy and


For further information about the exhibition, Vineta Sayer or Alasdair Banks please

visit the website

For an invitation to the exhibition please email

Contact Information: John Thorley, Exhibition Director on 07754386891 or email