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Gallery Name : Gallery 27

Gallery Address : Cork Street



Exhibition dates : 6th May - 11th May

Time:9.30am - 8pm

There are 6 Painters & 4 Sculptors all together.

Name of the Artist:

Ajit Deswandikar-Painter

Ajinkya Chaulkar- Sculpture

Nitin Mestry - Sculpture

Ranjan Narkar- Sculpture

Swapneel Kadam- Sculpture

Arup kumar Biswas- Painter

Abhishek Patil- Painter

Sunita Khedekar -Painter

Natascha Snell – Painter

Ashish Irap - Painter

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ARUP KUMAR BISWAS - Creative Painting

Born 1966 Born at Berhampore a small town in west Bengal, India .In 1996 I shifted to

Kolkata for studying in Art collage in 1994 passed M.V.A(creative Painting) with first class

from Rabindra Bharity University.In 1995, I got Junior Fellowship (topic Street child

children) govt. of India. In 1996 I shifted Delhi for practice my painting, professionally.

ASHISH IRAP - Painting

Born in the family of Artists, graduated from Sir J. J. School of Arts. I live and work in

Mumbai, and it is the landscape of this country India that makes up much of my work I am

influenced by the colours of the Indian terrain & habitat, and by the emotions of Indian

existence in contemporary India. Essentially, I paint what attracts my attention.


Ajit created lifestyles like new age chronicles in paintings. In the art work metropolitan

appear as new age reality. This metropolitan ubiquitous though that result in expressive

process illustrate in paintings. Instead of generating narrative brief, paintings project inner

expression and state of mind with medium he chooses. With acrylic and oil paint ,applies

transparent flow of acrylic color to overlap opaque oil paint which supports the subject to

expressive spontaneity.


Nitin Mestry is an artist gives lesson to the student of department of sculpture at Sir. J.J.

School of Arts, Mumbai and spares sometime for himself simultaneously. He knows very

well teaching and working for self satisfaction are two different things.He has honoured

with many awards and exhibited his work time to time.


3rd space - the space between two volume is the form of my art work which i called 3rd

space. I want to create the surrounding negative space into volume playing with outline of

faces which are reflecting their expression are my sculptures.


Born in 1968 in Mumbai. He was awarded G.D.A. in Sculpture & Modeling from Sir J.J.

School of Art, Mumbai. Had over 50 exhibitions to his credit. He was awarded Bendre


Painting and Sculpture camp Gulbarga, India 2011.He received Fellowship from Human

Hussain Scholarship; B.Vithal award and Maharashtra State Award. Participated in 40

National Exhibition, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi 1997, International Symposium

Resource, Dept. of Culture and Government of India. He has had many solo and group

exhibitions in India.He have executed over 12 monumental sculptures in India. Sculptures

in collection in India & Abroad.


I Graduated in Applied arts and Fine arts from Asia's premier art school, Sir JJ Institute of

Applied Art at Mumbai, India in 1991.In 1995 I started my own design studio, mainly

concentrating on stain-glass paintings, murals and oil / acrylic paintings.In U.K.- In late

1999 I relocated to the UK. Since then I have concentrated on acrylic paintings. Inspiration

for these paintings has been the beautiful English landscapes, the symmetrical

architectural style and the seasonal change of hues all around me. But nostalgia about the

past has made me continue with traditional Indian themes as well.In the UK, I started with

displaying my work at the Barber Art Gallery in Woking,Carré d'artistes in London & Forest

Art Gallery in Guildford have been my regular clients since then.


In the modern world we gather more and more information and only gathering information

is not the real thing.fact is that we dont have time to think and learn out of an artist i

learn that there are many negative effects on our society because of just gathering the

informations and not thinking over it.i choose the same thought for my sculptures.


I was born on 18 march 1984 Mumbai, India. Currently focused into acrylic on canvas.

over the years; true, innocent & appealing emotions of childhood has inspired me a lot .

thus I hereby have made an effort to lure those into my art work.


I love coastlines especially those of Cornwall the quality of light, and the textures carved

out in the rocks by natures elements, the carpets of texture of heathers and gorse,

Ul4sbJb3sIcombined with the colours of the ocean, lots of texture and colour, I trained in

textiles and colour and texture plays a big role in my work, I love being immersed in nature

and looking into the space of the horizon I feel a great sense of completeness .we all feel

connected in certain places and Cornwall does that for me. I have done a lot of painting of

Sardinia Coastline, and inland Spain Andalucía as have lived and taught in international

school there.