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Contact Eve Shepherd PRESS RELEASE

07904 027113

or Katherine Shock

01865 515585


The exhibition runs from August 3rd t to September 28th 2013, and entry is free..

Eve Shepherd A.R.B.S, S.P.S can only be described as unique in the world of modern

sculptors. Compared by some with the great Rodin, she is predicted to be "one of the

greatest artists of our time" by Professor Anthony Stone former President of the Society

of Portrait Sculptors.

Using traditional mediums and methods with a contemporary twist, Eve's consistent

ability to produce works, which though often challenging to the viewer, portray an

exquisite sensitivity and honesty rarely seen in contemporary sculpture. Her work has

the power to capture emotion and move the immoveable. The energy, passion and

strength of feeling she invests in to each piece of work can not only be seen but is felt by

the audience.

For the first time showing solely outdoors, Eve will be debuting several larger

sculptures. Set in a walled garden behind a library, this exquisite venue has a feel and the

understated magic of a secret garden. Turrill Sculpture Garden is located within

Summertown, a lovely area within the wonderfully timeless city of Oxford.

Notes for Editors:

The Turrill Sculpture Garden has been in existence behind the Summertown Library, in South Parade, Oxford, since

2000. In a beautiful space in a walled garden it hosts a constantly changing series of sculpture exhibitions ranging

from beginners to internationally renowned sculptors; in most years there are about six exhibitions. It is believed to be

the only place in the UK where the public can see outdoor changing sculpture exhibitions at no cost.

The garden is open to the public during Library opening hours.

Eve Shepherd lives and works in Brighton.. For more information about her sculpture , see her website at, or contact her on 07904 027113, or via

For more information on the Turrill Sculpture Garden, see or contact the Sculpture

Coordinator Katherine Shock (01865 515584,