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PRESS RELEASE 11.10.13 for immediate release

Jamie Primrose ‘Reflections on a city

10th Anniversary Exhibition

Dovecot Studios, 10 Infirmary Street, Edinburgh EH1 1LT

Friday 8th – Saturday 16th November 2013

Private View: 8th November 6pm–8.30pm

Acclaimed Edinburgh-born artist celebrates a decade back in the Scottish capital with

major 10th Anniversary painting exhibition.

Celebrating a decade as a professional artist living and working in Edinburgh and marking exactly 10

years to the month since his very first solo exhibition back in November 2003, contemporary Scottish

artist Jamie Primrose presents his 10th Anniversary collection of new Edinburgh paintings from 8th

16th November at Dovecot Studios in the Scottish capital.

With critical acclaim and past sell-out solo exhibitions of his Edinburgh artworks for which he is

best-known, this extensive major body of work marks the culmination of his creative development over

a decade. It is the collectable painter’s largest-ever solo exhibition to date, with over 100 new oils and

Indian inks of the city.

Dovecot Studios the leading contemporary arts venue, renowned for its collaborations with some of the

worlds finest contemporary artists offers Primrose the ideal, vast light spaces for his 10th Anniversary

Collection as he is challenging himself to create a series of larger format artworks than ever before (as

well as smaller pieces) specifically for the venues North and South galleries.

Although born and brought up in Edinburgh, Primrose left in 1990 to do a BA Honours in Fine Art at

Newcastle University. He only returned there a decade ago drawn back to follow his passion by the

citys unique clear light and intent on becoming a professional artist remarkably following years spent in

London and abroad without lifting a paintbrush. His return home marked the beginning of a period of

prolific creative development once back in the Scottish capital in 2003.

Reflections on a city celebrates his passion for Edinburghs unique light and majestic landscape as he

revisits and captures familiar locations, which uncover a rich depth of meaning and sense of awareness

from his past or present. With a fascination for capturing the transient nature of light in his work he

contemplates and encapsulates light and shade on his sculptural landscapes in the development of his

work his paintings evoking a tranquil, ethereal quality as he emphasises luminosity and atmosphere.

In this collection Primrose focuses primarily on the clarity of autumnal and winter light at its most dramatic

and at the most transient times of day sunrise and sunset. Whilst concentrating on these two

contrasting seasons, motifs in his work include vast skylines beyond the city's bold architectural

silhouette and an interest in the more natural elements of Edinburghs hilltops, open spaces, parklands,

lochs and waterways. Each personal location he has captured forms a mini series of works in this major

exhibition. (page 1 of 3)

Jamie Primrose says: The Scottish capital represents a strong element of who I used to be, who I have

become and it is firmly ingrained in my psyche. I am continually drawn to capturing a timeless view of the

majestic, historic city I grew up in as a child whilst also discovering new aspects since I returned ten

years ago. In my work I am constantly exploring the juxtaposition of Edinburghs dark, haunting

moodiness and uplifting, shimmering light through my usage of medium and technique.

I aim to capture that special, fleeting, single moment in time or snapshot from dawn onwards and from

sunset to sundown, at the most dramatic and transient times of the day when the light is changing

rapidly. It is my emotional response to the relationship between the light in the sky, the colours,

atmosphere, architecture, landscape or water, which I am conveying at that very moment. Sometimes my

feelings are communicated through a brilliant shaft of light streaming through the clouds, the eerie calm

before a storm or the very last glimmer of light before twilight.

Ten years since he returned to the Scottish capital Primrose is now an exciting artistic talent and

collectable contemporary artist having achieved success with a thriving reputation and a string of past

sell-out exhibitions to his name. His artworks are collected by an ever-growing UK clientele (from

Michelin star chefs, Scotland's top hoteliers to leaders of the Scottish financial industry) and can also be

seen in private and corporate collections worldwide, with a growing international following. He has

created over 25 new solo collections in Edinburgh and London over the past decade and he was also

shortlisted for the prestigious Jolomo Awards (the largest privately funded art awards in the UK) in 2007

for his outstanding paintings of the Scottish landscape.

Although he has captured destinations further afield from his creative travels over the past decade from

Provence, The French Riviera to Tuscany, Venice, London and Glasgow to the Scottish East and West

coasts, Primrose is always drawn back to Edinburgh which remains a constant source of inspiration in

his work. Within his new Edinburgh artworks the best-selling artist shows a resolute integrity to

developing his creativity and craft. He always challenges himself whether in his diversity of locations,

media or motifs. His work evokes a sense of serenity as he depicts an historical snapshot and timeless

journey through the Scottish capital's landscape.

This site specific collection at Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh reflects Primrose's personal journey

of his own creative development, exploration, experimentation, introspection and confirms his

prolific and continuing passion for the city of Edinburgh. This extensive exhibition will surely be a

springboard for his flourishing career into the future.


For further information, artist interviews and high res painting images, please contact Mari Primrose

t: 0131 446 9510 m: 07947 243 418 e: w:

Notes to Editors

Event: Jamie Primrose Reflections on a city 10th Anniversary Exhibition

Dovecot Studios, 10 Infirmary Street, Edinburgh EH1 1LT

Dates: Friday 8th Saturday 16th November 2013 (page 2 of 3)

Opening times: Monday Saturday 10.30am 5.30pm

Admission free

Private View: Friday 8th November 2013, 6pm 8.30pm


Enquiries: Mari Primrose t: 0131 446 9510 m: 07947 243 418

e: w:

Location: Dovecot is prominently located on Infirmary Street in Edinburghs Old Town, close

to the National Museum of Scotland and The Edinburgh Festival Theatre and a 10

minute walk/5 minute taxi from Waverly Train Station, Princes Street, Edinburgh

Castle and Holyrood Palace.

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