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Alan Stark
Anne Lynch
Becca Clegg
Colin Williams
Danny Holmes-Adams
Dimitrios Tsouris
Emiko Aida
Frances Broomfield
Frances Knight
Francis Murphy
George Taylor
Heather Gulliver
Janet Tod
Janice Thwaites
Jean Perrett
Jo Tuck
Jo Whitney
Joan Doerr
John Barnicoat
Julian Anniss
Laurence Broderick
Lee Campbell
Marjana Wjasnova
Michael Alford
Neelu Patel
Nicholas Robertson
Nick Andrew
Nigel O'Neill
Pat Castle
Paul Smith
Ray Wilkinson
Rachel Fenner
Richard Wallace
Rosemary Clunie
Rosie Packer
Shirley Morris
Simon Bergin
Sonja Benskin Mesher RCA, UA
Stephen King
Sue Campion
Tom Henderson Smith
Wendy Brooke-Smith

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  • Anne Lynch: contemporary figurative and landscape paintings and prints
    "Waiting For the Guests" 
    Watercolour, 100 x 130 cm 
Detail, No going back

Detail, No going back

Water's Edge


Moon Light

The Winter King and Queen

Morning Light

Homage to Barcelona

Love Africa Please Aloes

Anemones & Butterfly Vase

Swan Lake

The Road to Roundway

Girl with fish

  • Joan Doerr: Paintings inspired by impact of Elements      on environment
    Vacant Vessels  
    Acrylic on Board  
    36cm x 38cm  

Sandaig Otter Maquette III

  • Lee Campbell: atmospheric oil paintings;
    landscape and metaphysical

    'Thames Nocturne'  
    Oil on Canvas  
    24" x 24"  


    'Golden Light'   
Thames Nocturne


Golden Light


mixed media on canvas



Small Painting 2 2010

The Steps to Dar Dada, Rabat


Day and Night Fragments - 2014 - Oil on Canvas - 50x50cm

Sunset, an acrylic on board, at 30 x 30 cms.

'Resting Harlequin'

Dialogue of Death with the Afterlife

Mavis's Cat - two plate monotchrome etching - 21.5 x 15cm

A Noose of Light
mixed media
36" X 36"
A Noose of Light

Naya Kanga, 2017
Oil on canvas
48" X 36"
Naya Kanga, 2017

  • ULLA:
    Paintings: MY Cosmos! - female forms - dreamscapes

    'Moon Magic in Space Ocean'
    122 x 122 cm
    Acrylic on Canvas

Intersection, Southwark, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 102 x 76cm

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