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Denton Welch
Troubled Head
Abbott & Holder

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  •          Galleries magazine, Art galleries in the UK, England, Scotland, Wales, London

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    Galleries - 2018 September Digital Issue Galleries - 2018 June Digital Issue Being Here . . . em art at SEPTEMBER 2018 ART OPENINGS UPCOMING. . . + ALL SEPTEMBER OPENINGS BY DATE
    Art galleries in London and the UK
    FRIDAY 14.9.18
    Christian Marclay - Tate Modern, Bankside, London  
    Helen Flockhart - Arusha Gallery,
    Edinburgh, Scotland  
    Kyffin Williams - Highgate Gallery,
    Hampstead, London  
    Lapada Art & Antiques Fair - Long & Ryle,
    Knightsbridge & Pimlico, London  
    Lapada Art & Antiques Fair - Portal Painters,
    S.W. London  
    New Artist Fair - New Artist Fair,
    City, London  
    Open Art Competition - King Street Gallery,
    Wales, UK  
    Seo Young-Deok, Nick Gentry - Opera Gallery London,
    Mayfair, London  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    SATURDAY 15.9.18
    Anthony Amos - The Brownston Gallery, West Country, England  
    Human Nature - The Bishop's Palace,
    West Country, England  
    Karl Hagedorn - Pallant House Gallery,
    S. Home Counties, England  
    Shani Rhys James - Tegfryn Gallery,
    Wales, UK  
    William Condry - Moma Machynlleth,
    Wales, UK  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    SUNDAY 16.9.18
    David Grosvenor - Ffin Y Parc Gallery, Wales, UK  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    MONDAY 17.9.18
    Corn Shuk Mei Ho - Début Art & The Coningsby Gallery, Bloomsbury, London  
    Courtauld Impressionists - The National Gallery,
    Trafalgar Square, London  
    Damian Woodford - Graham Hunter Gallery,
    Bloomsbury, London  
    Mouss - 54 The Gallery,
    Mayfair, London  
    Richard Hearns - Cadogan Contemporary,
    Knightsbridge & Pimlico, London  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    TUESDAY 18.9.18
    Ann Marie Whaley, Forbes Moores, Simon Taylor - The Fountain Gallery, S.W. London  
    Derwent Art Prize 2018 - Mall Galleries,
    Trafalgar Square, London  
    Eclectica - Piers Feetham Gallery,
    Chelsea & Fulham, London  
    John Loker - Flowers Gallery (Kingsland Road),
    City, London  
    Kit Boyd - Greenwich Printmakers Gallery,
    S.W. London  
    Wavelengths - The Gallery At Hastings Arts Forum,
    S. Home Counties, England  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    WEDNESDAY 19.9.18
    Vic Reeves - Grosvenor Gallery, St James's, London  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
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