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William Balthazar Rose
'Bad Little Cook'
Victoria Art Gallery, Bath

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    Galleries - October 17  Digital Issue Galleries - 2017 November 17 Digital Issue Being Here . . . em art at NOVEMBER 2017 ART OPENINGS UPCOMING. . . + ALL NOVEMBER OPENINGS BY DATE
    Art galleries in London and the UK
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    MONDAY 13.11.17
    Charles Church - Gallery 8, Trafalgar Square & St James's, London  
    Society of Wood Engravers - Kevis House Gallery,
    S. Home Counties, England  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    TUESDAY 14.11.17
    Drawing In - Tregony Gallery, Cornwall, England  
    Nicky Browne, Tessa Charles - The Fountain Gallery,
    S.W. London  
    SoCo Miscellany 3 - The Gallery At Hastings Arts Forum,
    S. Home Counties, England  
    The Society of Fulham Artists & Potters - Fulham Library,
    Chelsea & Fulham, London  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    WEDNESDAY 15.11.17
    Gohar Goddard - Highgate Contemporary Art, Hampstead, London  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    THURSDAY 16.11.17
    Axminster Art Society - Town Mill Galleries, West Country, England  
    Mariusz Kaldowski - Webbs Fine Art Gallery,
    S.W. London  
    Open life drawing - The London Sketch Club,
    Chelsea & Fulham, London  
    Prize Giving Reception/Auction - Heatherley School,
    Chelsea & Fulham, London  
    The ING Discerning Eye - Mall Galleries,
    Trafalgar Square, London  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    FRIDAY 17.11.17
    Chris Booth - Penwith Gallery, St Ives - Cornwall, England  
    Diana Heeks - King Street Gallery,
    Wales, UK  
    Edinburgh Art Fair - Woodbine Contemporary Arts,
    East Anglia, England  
    Jason Larkin - Flowers (Kingsland Road),
    City, London  
    Masters in Print - Gallery Ten,
    Edinburgh, Scotland  
    Members and Associates - Penwith Gallery,
    St Ives - Cornwall, England  
    NOA - Bargehouse,
    Bankside, London  
    Nadav Kander - Flowers (Kingsland Road),
    City, London  
    New objects - Willer,
    Kensington & Chelsea, London  
    Printmakers Inc - Highgate Gallery,
    Hampstead, London  
    Winter Exhibition - Tegfryn Gallery,
    Wales, UK  
    Art Exhibitions Opening this month
    SATURDAY 18.11.17
    Chagall - Sylvester Fine Art, Hampstead, London  
    Christmas Cracker! - Gallery Pangolin,
    Cotswolds, England  
    Divergence _ Convergence: - Lemon Street Gallery,
    Cornwall, England  
    Stuart Burne - Ucheldre Centre,
    Wales, UK  
    Walter Keeler - Goldmark Gallery,
    East Anglia, England  
    Winter Exhibition - The Stour Gallery,
    Cotswolds, England  
    Winter Show - Cameron Contemporary Art,
    S. Home Counties, England  
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    Art Galleries in London
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