Galleries - May 2024

Serafina at Table, Fiji, 2023 (photographed underwater for SINK/RISE) Zoe Lescaze, Author of Paleoart: Visions of the Prehistoric Past comments ‘ Nick Brandt has created a profoundly original body of work, one that represents an entirely new approach to climate- conscious photography. Although they are several meters below the surface, the subjects of Brandt ’ s mesmerising photographs do not float or swim. Incredibly, they sit on sofas, stand on chairs, use seesaws, and pose in ways they might on land. The effect is otherworldly, as though the familiar laws of physics have stalled in this strange, liminal zone between land and sea. ’ Completing the exhibition, Chapters One and Two (photographed in Zimbabwe and Kenya in 2020, and Bolivia in 2022), chronicle the stories of the people who have been dramatically impacted by climate change - some displaced by cyclones that destroyed their homes and others displaced and impoverished by severe droughts. Depicting humans and animals photographed in the same frame at sanctuaries and conservancies, the images suggest the subjects' shared experience of navigating a rapidly degrading natural world. ‘ A landmark body of work by one of photography’s great environmental champions. Showing how deeply our fates are intertwined, Brandt portrays people and animals together, causing us to reflect on the real-life consequences of climate change. Channeling his outrage into quiet determination, the result is a portrait of us all, at a critical moment in the Anthropocene. ’ — Phillip Prodger, Curator, Author, Photography historian, former Head of Photographs at the National Portrait Gallery, London. Nick Brandt’s photographs in The Day May Break: Chapters One to Three aim to jolt the viewer out of complacency, as communities around the world struggle to adapt. Nick Brandt – The Day May Break + SINK / RISE will open at Newlands House Gallery, West Sussex on 3 rd February until 29 th May 2024. The exhibition will then travel to other locations across Europe .