Galleries - May 2024

Newlands House Gallery to present SINK / RISE A new series of portraits by Nick Brandt symbolic of the devastating effects of climate change 3 rd February to 29 th May 2024 Newlands House Gallery will stage the world’s first showcase of Nick Brandt’s third chapter of The Day May Break, SINK/ RISE, together with Chapters One and Two Ben and his Father Viti, Fiji, 2023 (photographed underwater for SINK/RISE) 16 th January 2024 – Opening on 3 rd February at Newlands House Gallery in Petworth, West Sussex (UK), an exhibition of Nick Brandt’s The Day May Break: Chapters One to Three , explores themes of environmental destruction and climate change. With a strong focus on the global rising sea levels and its devastating legacy, Brandt’s newest chapter, SINK / RISE , features haunting scenes captured underwater off the coast of the Fijian islands, in 2023. The series will be exhibited for the first time globally at Newlands House Gallery until 29 th May 2024. SINK / RISE focuses on South Pacific Islanders impacted by rising oceans as a result from climate change. In this series, Brandt showcases the devastation through symbolic images. The local inhabitants featured in the images are representatives of the many people whose homes, land and livelihoods will be lost in the coming decades as the water levels continue to rise.