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58 Fore Street, Tregony, CORNWALL TR2 5RW

Telephone 01872 530505 or 07496 953471

Luminous Ground ( one )

from 9th October - 3rd November 2018

Luminous Ground ( two )

from 13th November - 8th December 2018

Luminous Ground is a mixed exhibition in two parts that examines the way

memory can affect the artist’s present observations and subconsciously create an

emotive response in the viewer. The exhibited artists are divergent in style but

share a common sensibility to their work - a natural radiance drawn from a deeper

well than simply the technical ability to reproduce an object, person or place.

Jennifer Pochinski, ‘Man Running’, Oil on Panel, 50 x 40 cm.

Euan McGregor, Charlestown Harbour’, Acrylic on Board, 49 x 62 cm.

Introducing the theme Luminous Ground (One) will feature recent works from

Euan McGregor, Jennifer Pochinski and Sarah Spackman. Euan McGregor uses

flat planes of tone and to narrate the human feeling impressed in his

representations of local landscapes linking land and sea. The viewer’s eye dances

around Jennifer Pochinski’s sensuousness and atmospheric figurative works,

thickly layered and playful, they create a counterpoint with Sarah Spackman’s

delicately composed still life’s and landscapes. Whilst simple in their subject

matter, Spackman’s works are rendered in expressive brush strokes and singing

colours suggesting that they possess hidden layers of meaning.

Sarah Spackman, ‘Small Group Meeting’, Oil on Board, 25 x 30 cm.

Luminous Ground (Two) will focus on Jason Bowyer, Dana Finch and Kay

Vinson, who all place drawing at the forefront of their differing practices.

Jason Bowyer’s organic sense of movement and space treads the line between

the real and the remembered. Merging childhood memories of travelling through

the Mediterranean as well as a contemporary reading of her local landscapes,

Dana Finch's re-imagined scenes feel like wild and newly discovered territories

and Kay Vinson exposes a quiet beauty in her subjects through structured

observations and subtle meditations on light and form.

Kay Vinson. ‘Pilar’, Oil on Canvas, 71 x 71 cm.

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