ref: aRk Nov 20-Dec 9 2018 STUDIO SIENKO GALLERY

TWO PAINTERS,ONE ENERGY This vibrant exhibition is a relief for people who love painting. The death of this medium has been announced but one can in fact still find so much in it: canvas and oil paint or acrylic, with masterly conduct of the brush, depicting the landscape; wellavoided or dissected still life; deeply analysed portrait; inner body space inspired by mythology. There is much to say about this old technique, despite all electronic replacements of reality. The incredible vivacity of both painters captivates and reassures. Studio Sienko is exploding with their visual energy and their positivity, felt as soon as you set foot in the gallery space. We need that energy so much nowadays, and they give it to the public like shamans restoring our wellbeing. Bright colours, harmonies, and shapes convince the viewer that tranquillity is not only found in silence… But there is peace and silence too, thanks to the special interior of the gallery, partly hidden underground and protecting visitors from the noise and radiation of the contemporary city. This silence is occasionally broken by concerts. This December tenor Brian Smith will perform Wagner on the 11th at 7.30pm, and on the 13th Tim Motz and Tim Yap will delight us with sonatas by Fauré and Grieg. You are welcome to experience this special show in this special place… Olga Sienko M arianna Grabowska Malgorzata Kadelska