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Strangers on a


and other stopping places

2nd June to 1st July


Chappel Galleries Colchester Road Chappel Essex CO6 2DE

Exhibition hours Wednesday-Sunday 105

Tel: 01206 240326

By the artist:

Delia Tournay-Godfrey I have always worked directly

from the subject with my oil paints and all of the small-

er works in this exhibition are produced in this way, the

larger works are painted in my studio at home from

these smaller paintings and from sketchbook work. I

look and look for ages before deciding what is to be

painted and I tend to abstract whilst in front of the sub-

ject, simplifying what is there and eliminating unneces-

sary detail. This is then developed further in the larger

works using different compositions, for instance se-

lecting a large square canvas to work on from the origi-

nal rectangular small image, or a composite of maybe

two paintings, using figures from one small painting

and the landscape from another, often giving the fig-

ures more space, playing around with these ideas.....

And always with Ken over my shoulder telling me to

listen to my inner feelings about it and not to do too

much thinking....a few of his favourite guidelines were:

use your gut instinct, go for a strong composition, work

directly from the subject, go for mood, remain true to

yourself. Avoid the easy solution, slick brushwork, re-

peating yourself....and I could go on!

I use my car as a travelling studio painting from within

it whilst being protected from the elements and prying

eyes! I also paint on holiday, Craig and I tour with our

caravan around Europe and some of the paintings in

this exhibition were painted on location in Bavaria and

France, I always make sure we have a campsite with

wonderful views. I also own a beach hut at Bracken-

bury Cliffs in Felixstowe which I love and I have been

painting from there for the last couple of years.

I love the sea, the sound of the waves crashing on the

shore, and the colours and mood the sea presents in all

weathers, calm like a mill pond one day and wild and

romantic the next. I seem to have a relationship with

the sea which is very energizing and therapeutic; a fig-

ure or two painted in front of the sea reflects this and

has become endlessly fascinating as subject matter for

my painting.