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T r e v o r B u r g e s s

The Market Paintings

MENIERGALLERY, 51 Southwark Street, London SE1 1RU

29 November to 3 December 2016.

Open 11am to 6pm Tue to Fri, 11am to 4pm Saturday

Private Views:

6 to 9pm Tuesday 29 November

6 to 9pm Friday 2 December Market Stall, Quito. Oil on board,

122 x 81cm

Paintings of markets around the world including London, Paris, Mumbai, Mexico City,

Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia and Costa Rica

With his new exhibition, The Market Paintings, London-based artist Trevor Burgess brings

street markets from across the world to the Menier Gallery in Southwark. Burgess’s paintings

are immediately striking for their unusually vivid and refreshingly tactile use of paint. He

evokes a world of colour, taste and flavour that appeals directly to the viewer’s senses.

Burgess is best known for making paintings of urban life in London. HIs last series, A Place

To Live, created a beguiling topography of London's residential architecture. In 2015, he

completed a private commission of a triptych painting of Granary Square, King's Cross for

the prestigious Landscape Architects, Townshend and in 2014 he curated IN THE CITY, an

exhibition of nine painters exploring urban life on four continents.

Now, with this exciting new series of work, he has expanded his repertoire. The Market

Paintings range from London’s street and wholesale markets to the cities of Latin America

and India, Paris, Mexico City and Costa Rica. Paintings of flower stalls, meat counters,

piled up fruit and vegetable displays, fishboxes, cheeses and bric-a-brac take the still life

tradition out of the studio back into the streets.

At the heart of the work is a common pulse that Burgess identifies as a “culture of trade

and exchange that’s central to the existence of any city.” He makes a connection

between the display of the goods in a market and the basic function of painting – “it’s all

about ways of attracting the eye.

Various paintings explore the relationship between the traders and the shoppers. That’s

a very human thing”, he says, Market stalls are actually quite theatrical, with the traders

performing for their public.” The paintings often enact this direct connection by putting

the viewer in the place of the shopper. I like to remind myself of these things that bind

painting to the ordinary processes of living.”

Further information

For further information and images please contact Trevor Burgess

T: 020 8469 1445 M: 07425 138659


Trevor Burgess, The Market Paintings. Press Release

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Man selling melons, San Juan, Argentina.

Oil on board. 60 x 60cm

About the artist

Trevor Burgess is a painter who currently lives

and works in London. He has exhibited widely

in the UK and abroad, including solo

exhibitions at galleries in Spain, Switzerland

and the UK.

His work focuses on people and the urban

environment. He has evolved a distinctive

visual language in paint to convey his

experience of the visual texture of the city. His

paintings have been selected for exhibitions

by artists Eileen Hogan, Mark Wallinger and

Chris Orr and art critics Ossian Ward, Sacha

Craddock and William Feaver, amongst

others, and in 2011 he won the London and

South East Regional Painting Prize at the

Discerning Eye exhibition.

Trevor Burgess initially studied literature, going on to train and work as Assistant Curator at

the Norwich Gallery for four years at the time of the establishment of the East international

exhibition. He founded and steered the development of the Warehouse Artists Studios in

Norwich, where he based his practice from 1990 to 1997.

He then spent a year in Barcelona, studying on the Winchester School of Art MA European

Fine Art. Following his return to the UK to live in London in 1999, Burgess began painting

images of people going about their ordinary lives in the streets, derived from his own

snapshot photographs. These paintings were exhibited in a solo exhibition touring to three

venues in Spain in 2007. In 2010 he began an ongoing series of paintings called “A Place

to Live depicting homes in London, sourced from estate agentsadverts in newspapers.

The series currently consists of over 60 paintings.

In autumn 2014, he curated IN THE CITY at Lion and Lamb Gallery, London, an exhibition of

nine painters whose work explores their experience of the contemporary city. The

exhibition included images of cities on four continents and will be touring to the East

Gallery, Norwich University of the Arts in 2018.

In 2015 he completed a private commission from Townshend Landscape Architects for a

triptych painting of Granary Square, King’s Cross, which was designed by Townshends. This

has generated a series of related studies, drawings and paintings.

His series of paintings of street markets in London and in Latin America, where he has

travelled extensively, will be shown as a group for the first time in a solo exhibition at The

Menier Gallery, London from 28 November to 3 December 2016. Four of The Market

Paintings have been selected for this year’s Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries,

London, from 17 to 26 November 2016.

Trevor Burgess

T: 020 8469 1445 M: 07425 138659

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Trevor Burgess, The Market Paintings. Press Release

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