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exhibition of acrylic paintings on canvas

26 April - 12 May 2016


57 a Lant Street

London SE1 1QL

tube Borough 2 min

tel 020 74037967

open Mon – Fri 10 AM - 5.30 PM

and by appt with the artist



Mariusz Drabarek is East London rising contemporary artist, born in Poland in 1979, collegian of

Paweł Wolański, member of BowArt, whose artistic style is a compilation of several art streams

with strong influence of New Wild (Die Neue Wilde), Neo-expressionism, Figurative painting and

some influence of Primitivism.

Mariusz exhibited in 2007 in POSK, Hammersmith 238-246 King St. and in 2010 in Thames

Tunnel Mills, Rotherhite St., 'Art at the Mills'. He was awarded in 2012 in National Open Art

Competition with “The Pope – Ruling elite” painting.

His art burns with strong, aggressive colours, clearly distincted perspectives and sharp contrasts,

which makes them pronounced expression of anger and mutiny somehow, as well as other

emotions. He links different orders, mix reality with spirituality, blends sacral art elements with

antique Far East and South East philosophy with a pure street art, pop culture and conspiracy

theories addition on the top of it. Everything he paints is made under high leverage of metaphysics.

His non-conformism is manifested by studying with a few chosen painters ,while rejecting regular

art college education. His vision is poetic, imagery-contemporary, informed and painterly with

good sense of colour. There is something down to earth in his philosophy of being the artist ,like: it

is what I do. The man who early in life has found out what really matters.

Mariusz deconstructs mass media created reality with their passing sensations, hierarchy of values

and authorities. He cuts it in to pieces, mix and sauce with his own proportions. This is a scene of

street art filtered and processed by the Internet culture.


57A Lant Street London SE1 1QN Borough, Phone: 020 7403 1353, Fax: 020 7357 6976,


Studio Sienko was founded in 1993 by Olga Sienko, a graduate of Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw,

with a spell at The Slade School of University College, diploma from Central School of Art and

Design, and Royal College of Art in London , to promote independent, unique artists, who are not

represented by commercial galleries and allow them to exhibit their art.

Within 23 years gallery arranged around 100 events , showing artists from UK, Europe and Japan

creating in various techniques and styles. Art Exhibitions, were sometimes accompanied by poetry

evenings, musicians , small theatre, art performers, Dervish turning with Sufi music, Butoh dancer.

The biggest attraction is Lukasz Filpczak , concert pianist in residence.

The space ,located in the restored true to the type Victorian warehouse, had individual shows of

many artists, some of whom later become known, like Michelle Molyneux, Grigorij Schishko,

Weronika Naszarkowska-Multanowska, Mikolaj Kasprzyk, Pawel Lubowski, Nana Shiomi,

Francois Pont, Tom Hill, Rupen, Georgi Yordanov, Steven Haigh, Anna Osadnik, Tomasz Moscicki,

Ela Cindoruk, Barbora Blahutova, Magda Samkouri, Izabela Bankova, Mariusz Kaldowski,

Malcolm Jones, Phelan Black, Margot Barrow, Christo Kostov, Alicja Mazur, Aukse Petruliene,

Boudevijn Payens, Sumiko Okubo, Catherine Shakespeare Lane and Olga Sienko too.