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By Members of the Association of British Naïve Artists



Mill Lane, Mousehole, Cornwall, TR19 6RP

From Saturday 18th July to Saturday 15th August

Continuing a week later



Maker Heights, Torpoint, PL10 11A

From Friday 21st August to Friday 4th September

Open from 11am to 5pm every day

The Little Picture Gallery in Mousehole in Cornwall, is hosting an exhibition by

over 50 members of the Association of British Naïve Artists (ABNA) from

Saturday 18th July to Saturday 15th August, before it continues to the second

venue at Maker Heights from Friday 21st August to Friday 4th September.

Both exhibitions will be open from 11am to 5pm every day.

In the 14 years since the ABNA was formed by the late Peter Denham with

Mervyn Clingan, the current Chairman, the Membership has grown from 12 to

75. This Exhibition will be bright and colourful, charming and inspiring that

is the nature of Naïve Art. Come and visit at either venue if you can it will

be a real treat. A real feel good Exhibition. There will be over 100 paintings

by over 50 of the members and all of them can be seen on the ABNA website

which is www.britishnaives.co.uk or on www.littlepicturesmousehole.co.uk

Seaview Hotel by HANNAH DOSANJH (above) reflects Hannah’s whacky

sense of humour. Her paintings are inspired by funny anecdotes of everyday

life. She is currently enjoying a second wave of creative fun, leading a

respectable existence in a Wiltshire Village, but all the time imagining herself

in the pointy shoes of a tattooed siren, or a darts widow, keening for a simple

treble gin and tonic.

View from the Promenade (above) by PAT BOWLEY is one of several joyous

memories of seaside experiences. Pat started painting when she was well

into her sixties to amuse her twin Grandchildren who liked to mess around

with paint at her kitchen table. She enjoyed it so much that she continues to

paint and is now into her eighties. She enjoys the freedom of painting just as

she likes. She said that she would love to have gone to Art College when

she left school, but her Mother would not allow it, saying that you never know

what goes on in the Art College! Pat says she would love to have found out.

“Bus Ride Through Fowey” by SERENA is one of a

series of paintings of mostly coastal villages in

Cornwall. Serena was educated at home by her

Mother, a former stage manager, whilst her Father –a

graduate from the Royal College of Art, encouraged

her progress by example and discussion.

Serena can take up to three months to complete a

painting, and after visiting the area will work entirely

from her studio. Her original artwork is not often

exhibited, but she concentrates on promoting her

work by selling limited and open edition reproductions

which can be found throughout Cornwall. Serena

lives in Padstow with he husband and two children.

“Fruits et Mer” by BRIAN POLLARD.

Brian started painting in 1977 after moving from his

native West Midlands to Plymouth, where he worked

as a family doctor and a psychiatrist in the Crisis

Intervention Service. Brian’s seascapes of Devon

and Cornwall are instantly recognisable: fluffy white

clouds and colourful balloons drift across cerulean

blue skies while fishing boats and yachts bob

around in a rhythmic sea below

Finally here is HANNAH DOSANJH’S image of a

“tattooed siren in pointy shoes. This one is entitled

“Rockabilly Night Out”

All the paintings which are shown on the website


are available to buy, by contacting Judy Joel at


or phoning 01736 732877

The opening of the show is on Saturday 18th July

from 6.00 p.m. and many of the members will be

there, including Hannah, so we look forward to

seeing a lot people enjoying the exhibition.

The CVs of all 75 members can also be found on the

ABNA website.