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Highgate Contemporary Art Gallery PRESS RELEASE


PIERS BROWNE ‘Painter of the North’ is showing in London, January


Exhibition date : January 15th to February 8th 2014

Private View: Wednesday 15th January 6-8pm

Awarded the distinguished accolade the ‘Painter of the North’ in 2011 at London’s Discerning Eye

exhibition, Piers Browne continues to paint the land and the seas that inspire him with an exhibition

of 40 new oil paintings focussing on the romantic Celitc seas and once great seaports of the North


Piers is a hunter, forever searching the ideal locations where he can capture the light and subtlest

nuances of the warm and cold colours of the north east coast, such as the sands at Saltburn or

Sandsend or the West coast light at Aberdaron where it stretches out into the Irish sea in North

West Wales. It was Celtic relics inside their churches that their once strong Celtic history forcibly

struck him.

But the cold romantic coasts of Britain are not his only haunts, Piers Browne is renown for recording

his love of the Mediterranean and Aegean. The wonderful dawn and dusk lights, the heat and the

Olive trees. His love of travel has taken him on many adventures. The most amusing when in

Tunisia, just as the Revolution began, the now ousted Tunisian President’s henchmen apprehended

Piers thinking his easel some kind of unique radio equipment. Piers continued to paint as they sat

behind them with guns to the ready, and in his best French, explained the rudiments of painting! A

few of these Mediterranean etchings are included in this exhibition.

Best known for his etchings of the Yorkshire Dales, Piers has recently diverted to concentrate on

painting in oils. He begins with observations in smaller oils and drawings, and uses these as

references for the larger canvasses. He is mesmerised and captivated by the happenings around him

and these are noted in his finished works such as a horse coming into sight, or oystercatchers

darting to and fro in front of him as in his etching "Oystercatchers: New Year's Day, Morgat". Often

his paintings are repainted over entirely three or four times on the spot, until he is entirely happy

that harmony reigns and the painting hums. By this stage brushes lay strewn at his feet!

Piers paints from his heart ..’I cannot paint when my heart is not open’. Thus he returns time and

time again to loved places ’No tinkling cymbal here with just an exercise in just recording a place or

atmosphere..’ That loves shows through in his work - it is maybe what makes Piers’ paintings glow.

He knows and loves his motifs and they exude the romance between Piers and his landscapes.

Exhibition runs: 15th January to 8th February

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