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Paul Lewin

a years work from Scilly,

Cornwall and Ireland

April 2011

Predominantly a painter of the coast and sea, Paul

Lewin has emerged as one of the leading contemporary

landscape painters in the Southwest. With over 35 solo

exhibitions, and many more mixed shows over the past

15 years, his name is well known throughout the West

Country and further afield.

He has painted in many locations throughout the UK

and has gained a particular connection with its coastal

fringes. Now living in West Cornwall with his family,

he has returned to an area that he holds a great affinity

for, and as such it continues to provide much of the

subject matter and inspiration for his work.

His relationship with landscape is intense; he seems

absorbed, almost subsumed into it, driven by a restless

energy that is characteristic of the sort of places he is

drawn to - the extreme edges of land, jutting

promontories and tidal shores where frontiers between

land and sea are blurred and perspectives ever

changing as the sky. His practice is to complete a

painting at a single sitting if possible. Sometimes a

piece will resolve itself quickly, in a couple of hours or

so; more often, he will be working out in the open for

five or six hours or until the light goes.

Paul lewin was born in Manchester in 1967. He

completed a degree in Fine Art at Bristol Polytechnic

in 1989 and after leaving college, lived in St Just-in-

Penwith in West Cornwall for 10 influential years

before moving to North Devon. He has now returned to

the wild coastline of farthest SW. Cornwall.

Title: Sheer cliff headland

Description: Oil on canvas

Size: 555x740mm

Title: Hannahs house and


Description: Mixed media

Size: 560x775mm


Title: Looking towards

Borough from Rushy Porth

Description: oil on canvas

Size: 100x100cm

Title: Rushy Porth autum


Description: Oil on canvas

Size: 100x100cm

Title: Pentle evening

sunset shadow

Description: Oil on canvas

Size: 120x140cm

Title: Lazybeds and the

green road, Clare Island

Description: Mixed media

Size: 56.5x76cm

Title: Capnagower from


Description: Water colour

Size: 42x56cm

Title: East cliffs

Description: oil on canvas

Size: 555x740mm

1 Burland Rd, Battersea

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f. 0207 223 1738

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