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Charles Harrison


mixed media on board

810mm x 1010mm

Woodbine Contemporary Arts

Charles Harrison, Michael Kelly, Antony Micaleff

September 14 - October 2

Woodbine Contemporary Arts showed and sold the work of Antony Micallef from 1997, before he

graduated from the University of Plymouth, to 2006, having recognised his originality, creativity

and potential long before London galleries. In 2000 he won second prize in the BP Portrait

Award and London began to take notice. Catto Contemporary showed his work in their Perverse

Pop show in 2002. He gained recognition in the national art press including an interview in Art

Review, a Blueprint magazine front cover and a full page feature and interview in The Face

magazine. By the end of 2005 Micallef was recognised with Banksy as a driving force of the Urban

Art movement, featuring in international media from Europe and Russia, to Australia and the


In 2006 Antony Micallef was shown by the international dealer Lazarides in a solo London show

which sold out in 30 minutes. In 2007, Antony's solo show in Los Angeles sold over fifty paintings

in under two hours to buyers who included Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Christine Aguilera and

Damien Hirst, grossing over 2.5 million.

Woodbine Contemporary Arts are pleased to offer for sale a number of excellent early paintings

by Antony Micallef, originally sold by Woodbine, on behalf of their first owners

To accompany these pieces Woodbine is proud to be able to show brand new works by Michael

Kelly and Charles Harrison.

Michael Kelly first showed with Woodbine Contemporary Arts in Cork Street, London, in August

2004, one month after his graduation from Coventry University. In that show Michael actually

outsold Antony Micallef; since then Michael's work, reflective, sensitive and personal, has gained

a large following of appreciative buyers.

Charles Harrison is the youngest artist in this show and already one of Woodbine's most

successful artists. He graduated from Northampton University in 2007 and since his first sell out

showing with Woodbine at the Spring Affordable Art Fair of 2008, the exciting developments in

Charles's paintings have continued to attract admiration and collectors who await eagerly each

new set of work.

Michael Kelly

Adult Boys 3

oil and charcoal on canvas

900mm x 1200mm

Antony Micallef

Ginza Gigolo

oil on canvas 1180mm x 1340mm

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Woodbine Contemporary Arts

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LE15 9PY

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