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Press Release

Samuel Robson Fine Art - Peter Joyce - 15th May - 19th June

35 Market Place, Oakham, Rutland LE15 6DT Tel.01572 770 095 Web.

Peter Joyce - Crossing by the Port

Samuel Robson Fine Art is proud to announce the forthcoming Exhibition

of new works by one of England’

Exhibition will take place from 15th May 19th June. Although born in

Dorset and originally celebrated for his pictures of the south west,

Joyce now lives and works in France.. Following highly successful

shows in London, New York and France, Peter Joyce has created a series

of new works which continue to celebrate his environment, which is now

that of his home in Bouin in the Pays De La Loire region of France.

Yours truly,

Samuel Robson

Samuel Robson Fine Art

01572 770 095

35 Market Place



LE15 6DT

s leading artists, Peter Joyce. This