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Galleries Online Press Releases

Website publication £14.40*       

Prices in £ Sterling INCLUSIVE of VAT@ 20%
* paid in advance. Service only available with a full pre-paid listing entry.
Free to display advertisers.

Submitting press releases for publication on the Galleries website:-

. . . the format for submitting press releases has been changed and simplified. If sending as a free addition to a display advertisement or as a paid (£14.40) listing bolt on please send it to titled 'press release for publication' as a pdf attachment to the email. Note: Press releases are no longer asked to be embedded in emails and only to be sent as 'pdf' files.

Any pictures and images should be in the pdf and not sent separately. Sending the press release as a pdf easily enables readers to download and printout the document. This pdf is then linked to an image on the Galleries website which is created from the pdf. With this in mind we would advise larger rather than smaller type headed up by one image ranged right with the following information ranged left:- Exhibition / Artist, Date opening / closing, Venue, Contact

Putting this information clearly at the top enables the reader to see when it is to be covered and the relevance to publishing schedules. Ideally press releases should be sent up to 3 months in advance of publication.

The press release index at has been on line now for over five years and continues to attract an average of over 1000 unique visits each month leading now to a considerable body of current and archived press information.

A press release update is sent out on a monthly basis to the press:- see recipients

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