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  • A word is defined as a group of characters not separated by a space, or end of line. Words (letters or numbers) joined by a hyphen count as one word.
  • The Specialisation Index is the Index in which each advertiser gets one free entry with a Listing; it lists dealers and galleries by principal stock and specialisation. Extra entries may be purchased as indicated.
  • The New Shows Diary is compiled from all the listings in each issue and lists by date of opening new exhibitions in any month, ordered by exhibition title and giving the name of the hosting gallery. On the Galleries website this index and a second New Shows Diary is published which is ordered by Artist/Exhibition with opening dates in the month. Links are activated from this index to individual main listings.
  • The Artists Index is available to all advertisers with full listings where artists in whom they have a principal interest, agency, or specialisation may be individually indexed. Entries may be purchased as indicated.
  • Art Sites on the Internet is a separate index highlighting dealers and artists with web sites with their Internet addresses. The Index is grouped by Artist, Gallery, Online Gallery etc. This service is only available to galleries and dealers with full listings in Galleries and individual artists or groups of artists not representing any work other than their own.
  • Artlinks is the service where dealers with web sites can have a 'live' link from their Galleries listing on the Artefact Internet Site as well as a live link on the 'Artlinks' page - the Internet version of 'Art Sights' (see above).
  • The Main Index lists in alphabetical order all the businesses with full listings in the magazine by name with telephone and map number.


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