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Studio Sienko Gallery

Interesting Armenian artist, admired by Prof Hovhanness Pilikian

Studio Sienko Gallery invites you to view an optimistic, colourful abstract painter, introduced to us by the late Prof

Hovhanness Pilikian 20 years ago. Hovhannesss philosophical mind, experience with the Theatre and knowledge

and enthusiasm for the Arts will be greatly missed in our gallery, but lives on in Artour Sarkisjan, a fellow Armenian

soul. Expect the vibrant colours of large happy oil paintings, all ignited by Artour's life and the people and places he

loves and often visits.

Artour spends half the year in Yerevan in his massive studio, surrounded by private land, bought for revenues from

the show at the Metropolitan Museum, New York, in total peace and not far from Mount Ararat. It must charge his

batteries. He is a prolific painter, working in bursts of 30 paintings in 2 weeks, comparable to Picasso, employing

gesture and brush stroke to convey his emotions and want of freedom. His internal beauty and the strength of his

temperament is transparent and connected with the most sensitive harmony, even in contrasting colours, giving the

impression of tender and passionate love, be it for the lover, the friend, or the country. Artour loves life, loves people

and as a result his Art emanates the unbounded energy of creative genius. We welcome you to Studio Sienko to

bask in it and to take it home too.

Love, Olga Sienko-Tutton.

Artour’s Email:

16th - 30th April 2019

10am-5pm Mon-Fri and by appointment

57A Lant Street, Borough, London, SE1 1QN

Tel: +44 207403 1353 E-mail: