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CHRIS GOLLON Man In The Long Black Coat

Until 28th October 2017

IAP Fine Art, 15, Church St, Monmouth NP25 3BX 01600 772005

(Pictured: Gimme Some Wine (after Eleanor McEvoy’s song) 36” x 48” (91 x 122cm) acrylic on canvas 2017.

IAP Fine Art has a new exhibition of paintings by Chris Gollon (1953 2017), many taking their inspiration from

songs by Bob Dylan, Neil Young and latterly Eleanor McEvoy. David Tregunna, IAPs Director: Following Chriss

unexpected death at only 64 in April, by curating this exhibition we want to celebrate his love of music, to show

where it lead him intellectually and artistically; and to share his fascination with artistic boundary crossing’”. The

latter began when Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth made a unique 60-second tape each for Chris, Yoko Ono,

David Bowie and Gavin Turk, asking them to respond with a work of art inspired by it to be exhibited in ‘ROOT at

the Chisenhale Gallery, London in 1998. Gollon was interviewed about this recently for a new biography of

Thurston Moore, We Sing A New Language’ by Nick Soulsby (Omnibus, 2017). Indeed, Gollons ability to paint

a new language that reflects life as it really is made him unique. A friend of The Skids, he enjoyed the company

of musicians, and one of his early museum acquisitions came when the Huddersfield Art Gallery acquired his

large painting Einstein & The Jealous Monk (after Bob Dylan’s Desolation Row) for its permanent collection to

hang with Francis Bacons Magdalene (II) and Sir Jacob Epsteins Einstein’. In 2013, he collaborated with Yi

Yao, the Grammy-nominated Chinese classical musician to produce a 41ft-long painting and a 20-minute

composition And It Came To Pass’. His most recent artistic boundary crossing was NAKED MUSIC and

‘Gimme Some Wine, which he enjoyed working on with Irish singer-songwriter Eleanor McEvoy. He would

visually interpret her songs and those paintings would in turn inspire new songs born from his paintings. This

exhibition shows Gollons ability to take us somewhere new, with imagery partially inspired by Neil Youngs

‘Driftin’ Back’, Bob Dylans Man in the Long Black Coat and Eleanor McEvoys ‘Gimme Some Wine’. This

exhibition is kindly supported by Thomas Carroll Club Signature.

Chris Gollon (1953 - 2017) is an established name in British painting, represented by IAP Fine art since 1994.

He has exhibited in St Pauls Cathedral with Bill Viola and has works in major public collections including the

British Museum. His Fourteen Stations of the Cross, blessed by Richard Chartres, Bishop of London, are

permanently installed in the Church of St John on Bethnal Green, a grade-one listed church designed by Sir

John Soane next to the Museum of Childhood. His museum commission to paint the Henley Royal Regatta

‘Gollon At Henley hangs with works by Dufy and Piper in the River & Rowing Museum, Henley on-Thames.

Gollon has enjoyed many solo museum shows, exhibited at Art Chicago and also with Yoko Ono, David Bowie

and Gavin Turk in ROOT, a crossover exhibition of contemporary music and art created by Thurston Moore of

Sonic Youth, at Chisenhale Gallery, London. His work is attracting increasing acclaim in the national press,

specialist arts press and was featured on Alan Yentobs BBC1 programme Imagine. The book on his life and

work Chris Gollon: Humanity in Art by art historian Tamsin Pickeral, and endorsed by Bill Bryson OBE, was

published in 2010. Chris Gollon was made First Artist in Residence and Fellow of The Institute of Advanced

Study (2009), Durham University. Later that year, Gollons painting Birth was used as part of the story in

Hollywood’s Twilight Saga movie Breaking Dawn (I). His national touring exhibition (2014-2016) to English

cathedrals Incarnation, Mary & Women from the Bible attracted much critical acclaim in the national press, as

well as a BBC interview with Chris Gollon by Clare Balding. Having travelled to the cathedrals of Guildford,

Chichester, Durham and Hereford, it came to Romsey Abbey in autumn 2016, where his diptych ‘St Ethelflaeda

currently hangs. Gollon had a lifelong interest in music and enjoys the company of musicians. Song lyrics very

often led to exciting new imagery, as with his recent artistic response to the songs of leading singer/songwriter

Eleanor McEvoy. From 2015 2017, they embarked on an artistic experiment in boundary crossing where one

art form influences another, which has produced a new album NAKED MUSIC’ by Eleanor (partly co-written with

Lloyd Cole and with Dave Rotheray) and a new series of 25 paintings by Chris Gollon. This ongoing interplay of

music, lyrics and imagery is now the subject of a new book NAKED MUSIC’ by Jackie Hayden. NAKED MUSIC

(exhibition and LIVE performance) headlined the Louder Than Words Festival in November 2016, supported by

Arts Council England. Further in-depth interviews with Chris Gollon will appear in two forthcoming books to be

published in 2017, one a book on the Annunciation by Mark Byford (Winchester University Press) and the other

a biography of Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. His official information website: (Attached:

‘Gimme Some Wine Final Version by Chris Gollon)

For details on any of the above, please contact Gallery Director, David Tregunna:

or 01600 772005.

Below: Driftin Back (after Neil Young) by Chris Gollon (10ft x 3ft, 3m x 92cm first 4 panels oil on canvas, last

acrylic on canvas, 2012). An impossible dinner party over 5 centuries: Durer, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Max

Beckmann & Chris Gollon, all depicted by revisiting the predella format (and partially inspired by a similarly

disastrous dinner in 1922 at the Hotel Majestic in Paris involving Joyce, Proust, Picasso & Stavinsky).