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Press reIease

September 2, 2017


,Line in Motion,

November 2 25th , 2017, at Birch Tree ,yreااaG Edinburgh

Private View: Wednesday, November 1st, 6-8pm

'Line in Motion' is an exhibition ceIebrating graphic representation of movement inspired by nature.

ln her charcoaI drawings and coIIages, Janine BaIdwin, an artist from Scarborough, Yorkshire, uses

Iine to capture a "movement” that is more sensory than visuaI. The naked raku ceramics by Moyra

Stewart - an artist based in Fife, ScotIand - are inspired by bIack, gray and white bands of coIour of

Lewisian Gneiss rock formations. Moyra's Iines resuIt from nature's Iong term evoIution, whereas

Janine's Iines are inspired by swift movements of nature in the present.

Janine BaIdwin has recentIy shifted her interest from painting to graphic work. Her first exhibition in

Edinburgh wiII dispIay charcoaI and pasteI drawings aIong with coIIages. 'ln recent years l feIt l

wanted to fuIIy expIore dry media and how l couId use the paper itseIf to be part of the

artwork, using techniques such as impressed Iines,' - says Janine. She gives credit to Joan EardIey's

greys and muted tones for infIuencing her work and continues to expIore an earthy paIIette, but has

recentIy added more coIour: 'l feII in Iove with pasteIs - their immediacy of coIour aIIows spontaneity

of mark-making, which is important as l seek to capture movement in my drawings.'

Photo: Janine BaIdwin (Ieft); 'Dusk on the Moors ll, (acryIic,

pasteI, charcoaI and graphite coIIage on card), 21 x 26cm


Janine's coIIages IargeIy reIy on juxtaposition of torn and cut edges to create a tension between

shapes. ”…l enjoy the process of adding and subtracting eIements without needing to commit untiI a

finaI decision is made, - says the artist

Moyra Stewart is known for her Lewisian Gneiss series urns and vases. The oIdest metamorphic

rocks in the UK, found in the Outer Hebrides are the source of her inspiration for the graphic

patterns of her ovaI-shaped vases. 'Being inspired by rock formations Iike Lewisian Gneiss has

made me conscious that even something as apparentIy soIid and ancient and immovabIe Iike biIIion

year oId stone is actuaIIy in fIux too,' - says Moyra.

Photos: Lewisian Gneiss series urns (photo: Shannon Tofts);

Moyra Stewart

AIong with the Lewisian Gneiss series that heIped her win the titIe 'Maker of the Year' 2015 by Craft

and Design Magazine, Moyra wiII aIso be exhibiting her ceramic tiIes. The tiIe-work is more

representative of Iarge expanses of Iand - mountains, hiIIs, cIiffs, and aIso introduces a new

dimension through use of a hint of coIour, just as Janine's pasteI tones add new dimension to her



Both artists wiII attend the opening event and are avaiIabIe for interview/photos.

Contact: Jurgita GaIbraith, Birch Tree GaIIery

0131 556 4000