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The Gorstella Gallery in Chester is exhibiting new and exciting work by Matthew


Matthew Snowden’s evocative palette knife paintings are well represented in his

third solo show at Gorstella Gallery. Using copious amounts of paint and a pallet

knife, Matthew Snowden produces work that is both striking and contemporary

capturing the raw beauty and variety of the British coastline.

Using the rugged Celtic coasts and their ancient history, the ever changing light and

weather as his core inspiration, Matthew Snowden has created a body of work that

captures this infinite variety beautifully.

From the golden beaches of the Outer Hebrides, to the wild Atlantic Ocean, via the

majestic Welsh mountains, this exhibition is an amazing tribute to the skill of the

palette knife artist, and our spectacular coast line.

Matthew Snowden has become one of the most original and sought after landscape

artists working today.

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Gorstella Gallery was established in November 1990 by Peter and Klazien Bullivant,

with the ongoing objective of bringing high quality, original, affordable British art to

the North West. The gallery is now run by their daughter Bridget and her husband


The space was created from some converted cow shippons adjoining their home in

Dodleston, 5 miles from the centre of historic Chester.

Artists include both established names and emerging local talent. Artists that have

exhibited include the late Sir Kyffin Williams RA, and the late Donald McIntyre,

Pamela Kay RWS, Victoria Crowe OBE, Jenny Wheatley RWS, Matthew Snowden,

Andrew Hood, Jonathan Cramp RWS and Annie Williams RWS. In addition, some 30

other Members of the RWS and RCA have exhibited.

Each Exhibition displays a wide variety of styles and subject matter, so that hopefully

every visitor will find something to his or her taste. Gorstella Gallery is anxious to

spread the range of artists exhibiting, whilst at the same time, maintaining the policy

of showing high quality work that would not be readily available to customers

without travelling some distance.

November Morning, Llanberis Pass 60cm x 80cm

North End, Iona 50cm x 60cm

Bara, Outer Hebrides 50cm x 70 cm

Westerly Edge 80cm x 120 cm