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Press release

July 13, 2017


‘Ethereal Whispers’

August 4rd – August 29th , 2017, at Birch Tree Gallery, Edinburgh

Private View: Thursday, August 3th, 6-8pm

‘Etherial Whispers‘ is an exhibition of highly delicate work by two artists who create using very

different media, but relyheavily on the study of plants Laima Dzigaite – an artist from Lithuania

exhibiting in the UK for the first time, uses plant materials as graphic elements to create collages on

pastel backgrounds. Cathrine Holtet – originally from Norway, now working in Dundee – chooses to

show plant forms in her very delicate relief patterns on cast and thrown translucent porcelain pieces.


Laima Dzigaitė creates graphic works that transform wilted and dried vegetation into ephemeral

structures that emerge like Fata Morgana in subtle pastel backgrounds. Metaphoric gates, boats

and natural landforms are often populated with clearly recognizable human figures that are created

through an unalltered form of a single petal. Her work is deeply poetic and spiritual, yet, very easy to

relate to. It could be compared to a dream - one minute seemingly real another, vanishing into

uncertainty with emotion that is often difficult to verbalize.

Photo: Laima Dzigaite (left);

‘Loneliness’ (pastel, collage), photo: D. Vytas

Laima collects her plants long after their prime– when they have given up their beauty or finished

their f life cycle. She creates mainly in the winter, when vegetation is dormant and focuses on giving a

second life to plants that, in her words, are „visible symbols of beauty by the invisible Creator“.

Cathrine Holtet is fascinated by the properties of porcelain – its’ purity, whiteness and translucency.

She gathers inspiration in the natural world – photographing everything from majestic mountains to

macro images of flowers and seashells – and ultimately embodies them in the technique of water-

etching (or shellac resist) on cast and thrown porcelain pieces. Using this technique she makes

objects from small tea-lights to large pots that are brought to life as light passes through the

porcelain walls.

Cathrine Holtet in her studio (left);

Fern-bowl, water etched porcelain;

Upon studying arts and crafts at high-school and beyond in Norway, Cathrine had various hands-on

internships in ceramic and glass studios. Ultimately she received a degree in Ceramics at Duncan of

Jordanstone College of Art and Design at the University of Dundee and remained there, upon

opening her own studio.

Both artist will attend the opening event and are available for interview/photos.

Contact: Jurgita Galbraith, Birch Tree Gallery

0131 556 4000