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Beatriz Acevedo, Karolin Schwab, Agne Stasiauskaite, Edita Treigyte, Olga Uyan

STUDIO SIENKO, 57A Lant Street, SE1 1QN

Private view 27th November 2012, 6-10pm.

Exhibition continues until 25th January 2013

Seek and Hide brings together works by five emerging female artists working in different media.

With video, photography, printmaking, painting and sculptural works, an internal dialogue is established.

Personal and social concerns are expressed in a language that becomes open and elusive in content and

form, placing the viewer in a continuum of physical and intellectual intimacy and distancing, where the

work seeks scrutiny and interpretation as much as it hides from it.

With painting and photography as the main instruments for her work, Karolin Schwabs images often

evoke associations with landscapes of sometimes very arbitrary and sometimes thoroughly structured

nature, leaving yet space for another narrative that lies underneath the picture. Her work seeks to explore

the relation between lines and fields within a composition, the space between figuration and abstraction

and a way to visualize her impressions of a journey between two contrary environments, those of rural

Germany and urban London. This play between figuration and abstraction is also present in Olga Uyans

photographic collages. Taking as subject matter domestic objects and environments, Uyans collages

function as visual diaries, a place for very personal reflections by the artist on the female role at different

stages of a relationship. Similarly, the sculptural works by Beatriz Acevedo draw from the intrinsic properties

of materials and their juxtaposition to create, in a playful manner, an internal tension that puts into question

those same properties in a particular constructed relation. In this context, her choice of color and material

has strong bodily associations resonating of visceral reactions and sensations.

Where Uyan draws from intimate environments to construct photographic collages, Edita Treigytes work

utilises her photographs of building constructions and landscapes to create video, print and installation

works. Focusing on how environments shape individuals experiences, Treigytes daunting and appealing

images aim to reflect particularly on issues related to immigration.

The tension between the personal and the social, the internal and the external is also tackled by Agne

Stasiauskaite. With everyday situations and repetitions as her sources, Stasiauskaites performative and

installation works investigate the limits between private and public spaces, questioning notions of identity

and what it means to be a human being in a globalized society. Equally, her work aims to investigate the

position of art as a social mediator and form of communication. For Stasiauskaite, process takes precedence

over outcome allowing her work to be shaped by her own actions, as well as those of others.