Galleries - May 2019

Back Together On a dreich day in 2017, a chance meeting, in Edinburgh’s Greyfriars Art Shop, of four (mature) graduates from Edinburgh College of Art, sparked much discussion of times (long) past. They hadn’t seen each other since leaving art college in 1975 . They discovered that they still shared a love and enthusiasm for making art and discussed the possibility of an exhibition of work produced now. ! Andy Neil ‘Chain Walk’ After much searching via email and social media, 20 eager artists of that year group, agreed to exhibit together. ECA’75 was formed. ! Most of those artists hadn’t been in contact for 40 years or more. ! Brian Henderson ‘Bowl with seven plums’ Their studies at Edinburgh College of Art were presided over by Sir Robin Philipson as the head of the School of Drawing and Painting, and by John L Paterson, head of the Design School. Their stellar list of tutors included Elizabeth Blackadder, David Michie, ! John Houston, William Baillie, George Donald, David Evans, James Fairgrieve, ! Alan Alexander, James Cumming, Sax Shaw and John Lawrie. ! Two of the exhibitors graduated from the Design School. A costume designer and a glass designer. The others graduated from the School of Drawing and Painting. ! The exhibition is on at The Dundas Street Gallery, Dundas Street, Edinburgh 18th - 30th June 2019 Rona Anderson, Euna Cairns, Rob Fairley, Valerie Hamilton, Annie Hardinge, Brian Henderson, Liz Holmes, Christine Ironside, Alison McConachie, Roy Middleton, Lindsay Moran, Andy Neil, Chrissie Orr, Alison Peebles, Ken Powrie, Fiona Grant Robertson, Veronica Robertson, Ruth Stiven, Alison Wanless, Tom Watt.