Galleries - May 2019

GALLERIES The month of May continues a new chapter in Galleries with the focus now moving from print to website and social media platforms. After 35 years (and 10 months) with 429 issues printed since it all began in 1983, what appears on screen is now our primary centre of activity. 21st century information is easily accessed in an uninterrupted flow and always up to the moment – with one keyboard strike the contents of Galleries online has the potential to reach an unlimited audience, not just homegrown but global. To both our customers and our visitors we now offer weekly online updates and daily social media news on art exhibitions across the country. Plans are imminent to add more images and maps showing art business locations – something that has always been a part of Galleries DNA. The mission statement at the 1983 launch of Galleries was to help people find art by established and new artists with ease – that hasn’t changed. Paul Hooper founder & publisher on the COVER Bryan Poole ‘Banana Palm flower & fruit – Musa paradisica sapientum’ London Sketch Club get in touch. . . •want to list or advertise with Galleries online? •want to receive weekly email with new shows diary?