Galleries - May 2019

A painter in the English Romantic tradition, HUGO GRENVILLE imbues his paintings with a joyous celebration of life. His lively palette creates a symphony of colour and pattern, lling his canvases with a lyrical embodiment of a world full of contentment and delight. Justly selected as the prime artist in YEW TREE GALLERY ’s exhibition ‘ CONVIVIO !’, his collection sets the scene for a colourful and harmonious show re ecting the warmth of interiors, joyfulness and camaraderie – elements that do much to lighten the uncertainty of these times in which we live. Fellow exhibitors ROSE HILTON, H R BELL and CHARLOTTE LYON bring their own individual voices to the theme whilst the lustrous ceramics of SUTTON TAYLOR add a special grace and beauty. The exhibition opens with a private view on Sunday 14th April from 2 - 5pm. Thereafter open Tues – Sat 10.30 - 5pm. until 28th May. Donations from exhibition sales go to the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust, founded by Baroness Cox in 2004 as a ‘voice for the voiceless’. For exhibition brochures, contact: GillyWyatt Smith ‘Laura’ oil 92 x 86cm Hugo Grenville ‘By the Pool’ oil 51x76cm Rose Hilton Café Pedrocchi mm 40 x 50cm Charlotte Lyon ‘Bolivian Syncopation’ oil 18 x 27cm H R BELL Yellow Bowl lustre 22 x 39cm SuttonTaylor CONVIVIO! Celebrating the warmth of home & camaraderie in paintings, ceramics, textiles, glass, wood & jewellery. YEW TREE GALLERY Keigwin, Morvah,West Cornwall. TR19 7TS r XXX ZFXUSFFHBMMFSZ DPN 14th April – 28th May