Galleries - July 2019

Adrienne Gaha: “An adept draughtsperson, she displays control of the imagery on the one hand and abandoned, spontaneous mark making on the other. There can be visual transparency and depth: Cupid and a swooning Psyche, Bunny’s languorous women, clouds and trees and space. But she disrupts these passages with pools of opaque paint. Dribbling and splashing, they draw us back to the painting’s flat surface and the materiality of the paint. Gaha manages to create this play of abstraction and figuration without a deadening irony, or a negation of representation. Rather she conceives of a space where both the figurative and the abstract can co-exist.” by Brooke Fitzsimons INSTAGRAM: most likes in June • Adrienne Gaha at Piers Feetham •‘Nude Purple Cloth’ • likes: 48 • impressions: 2.9K • Galleriesmag followers: 1.6K follow Galleries_mag SOCIAL media images & listed new shows posted daily to 10K followers TWITTER: top tweet in June • James Campbell at Twenty Twenty •‘Findhorn Valley 2’ • views: 186 • likes: 2 & retweets: 2 • artmag followers: 8.3K • artmag tweet views: 40K follow @art_mag “Over the years spent as potter, teacher and draughtsman, I came to love drawing, variously, as a tool for generating ideas about shape, for speculating about form and image, and as a language for putting down images of landscape observed, remembered, and imagined. The pastels and watercolours have developed over time, from sketchbooks full of attempts to capture the poetry of these special places: they are meditations on landscape. Some are closer to the external facts, some closer to the inner world.” James Campbell